Press freedom essence of democracy sure to be enjoyed

Constitutions of great democracies very well assured!

Freedom and rights go with duties and responsibilities

Human beings tend to forget the noble concept – a loss!


No bias and prejudices in reporting and writings

Cardinal principles to be followed by the Press

Alas! Reality is on the other side- a mirage

Minds of the reading public getting clouded for countless age!


UNESCO sponsored – a great day significant is this day

Attacks on the press and press people-intolerance displayed

By the Governments –self seeking to be abhorred and condemned

Freedom paramount along with their discipline self imposed!


Fearless, independent Press be praised and complimented

Those indulging in selfish pursuits for power be decried

Paid news a horrible curse- be deprecated and condemned

Let the press enjoy freedom, do their duty uninterfered!


My right to information depends on press freedom – a fact

It is my duty to help keep the freedom of press in tact

Putting our shoulders together- mutually help us sure

Let the whole world breathe that fresh air of freedom and enjoy pure!


2016  marks the 250th anniversary of the world’s first freedom of                       information law, passed in Sweden and Finland in 1766.





2 thoughts on “WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY(3/5/16)

  1. “Freedom and rights go with duties and responsibilities” Well said. In the name of freedom of expression even the press & media have started black mailing in the recent past.They can influence people and make an innocent guilty and a culprit the most pious man on thttps://nvsr.wordpress.comhe earth.


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