A red- blue ribbon: symbol of the International Fire Fighters Day


Fire, air, water, land and space-five elements of nature

Created by the Almighty to take care of future!

The Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient

Keeping each and everything in its place quite potent!


Nature’s conspiracy- forest fire difficult to contain

Devastation ensues- brave men in  uniform struggle

Nilgiris, Uttarakhand recent-modern technology

Can not stand the onslaught of nature alas- tragedy!


Man’s ignorance and ego, foolishness and fate keep them

At places inconvenient and holocaust results!

Fire and floods, cyclones and whirlwinds- nature’s fury seen

Forces and people help to fight and save the world quite keen!


Fire fighters fight not only with fire-but hasten to help

In all circumstances tragic- may be an awful snake

May be a person drowning in a lake or well -earth quake

Service minded brigade they are to be honored with cake!


“Fire brigade’ –Fire Fighters a brave set of warriors help

Sacrificing their lives many a time- pity in pulp

For the world to pay its respects and keep the force happy

Their day is today – let us salute- and  be  in safety!

Firefighters’ Day remembers the dedication, gallantry and need for firefighters from around the globe.










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