Great creator of the Universe-my Lord Almighty

Religions and religious leaders guide the people

In the parts various of the world over very healthy

India is fortunate there are leaders of scruple!


Hinduism –a way of life for years millions sure

Trinity- Dhwaitha, adhvaitha, visishtadvaitha pure

Founders of the faiths we bow in respect and reverence

Ramanuja took avathar this day thousand years ago


Spiritual leader brought in reforms- put to test of time

Being followed nice and fine even today with verve and rhyme

Followers all over the world holding the Seer in esteem

On HIS jayanthi day,   we offer our pranams extreme!

Ramanujacharya Chief exponent of the Vishishtadvaita school of Vedanta and a great social reformer. “If I can bring deliverance to so many, …






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