May 17 – World Tele-communication and Information Society Day!



Knowledge society created by the Lord Almighty

Gives great comforts and nice conveniences aplenty

One is in the realm of tele- communication sure

Superb indeed is the art and science- a great delight pure!


The UN sponsored World Tele Communication And

Information society day is today world all around

Makes the world aware of the revolution in the field

Faster and faster information moves- deserving  shield!


Internet Guru a boon indeed to the young and old

Just at the click of a button you get what all you need

We salute all those great brains invented and developed

The tool that lifts the world to heights newer and higher-helped!



I am glad to share with my esteemed viewers that with the day’s 55 views  at 11.00hrs. today the 17th May-Tues day- the total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed FORTY ONE THOUSAND. While I thank you for your support and encouragement, I solicit the same in the days to come also.

N V Subbaraman


2 thoughts on “ May 17 – World Tele-communication and Information Society Day!

  1. I recollect the days of our writing letters, sending telegrams and waiting to get the trunk calls booked for hour/days together.What a wonderful advancement in communication system!!! The technology has no doubt developed leaps and bounds, but alas! the real ‘communication’ amongst people has become a rarity/formality.The affinity, warmth and love are absent which were found earlier. The human touch is missing.People have stopped talking…. they prefer to send SMSs. I recollect the topic for Hindi elocution contest given in my school days. …..”vigyan varadaan hai yaa abhishaap”……(…boon or bane) in which Igot First Prize.As long as it is used as ‘varadaan’ it is most welcome….


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