May 20 – World Meteorology Day!


God created the earth for the people to live in peace

Nature to help the living beings enjoy with some ease

People committing sins against nature to pay for it

Floods and famines, cyclones and typhoons nature’s reply-fit!


Man has the ability to find when and where and how

Predicts right-many times going awry and has to bow

Beseeching the God that is nature to love and be kind

In HIS compassion we are spared and Nature does not mind!


Meteorologists have methods of metrology

To measure and tell what happens and when the skies open

To warn the people to be prepared for the best and worst

We look to the God and weather man to know the best!


2 thoughts on “May 20 – World Meteorology Day!

  1. “People committing sins against nature to pay for it.” is 100% correct. Be it floods,… or be it drought….the extremities are of our own making. ….Glad it appears a realisation has come in people around the world to save mother earth.Let us look forward to the good day of the mankind making amends for their sins committed for generations.


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