How many children go missing every day worldwide?

We are  children of God, the Almighty-the Creator

We have children-being taken care of by protector

Pity is we have World Missing Children ‘s day to observe

Time to explore ways to end the menace and we preserve!


All over the world,children  do they or we make them miss

Carelessness, wanton, treat them ill and giving them no kiss

Make them run away from the family and get caught by

The unscrupulous, made to beg and earn for them and try!


Future wealth of the world, can not afford to miss- miss and die

Global phenomenon U N taking a note and try

To erase the shameless phenomenon-make children cry

The world to put an end to this abominable  act!


With the 56th view of the day of ENVIUS THOUGHTS at 12.30 hours IST: today WEDNESDAY, the 25th May 2016 , the total views of the Blog crosses FORTY TWO THOUSAND at the 452nd day of the Blog and 489th post. I thank my esteemed viewers immensely for their encouragement and I solicit the same in the days to come also.

N V Subbaraman



3 thoughts on “WORLD MISSING CHILDREN’S DAY is MAY 25th

  1. If we do not show the natural love & affection to the children and ill treat them they ‘miss’ and will be abused by the society..They ultimately become antisocial elements and take revenge on the society for their ‘missing’ love.


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