It is a peculiar human psychology and experience that we tend to forget the recent happenings but keeping green memories of our childhood or student days! Yes ………past seventy five I still remember a, b, c. d…….in different languages like English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi; equally I remember even today 1,2,3,4……………………….!!!!!!!

But I have forgotten what I ate or drank, said or read a couple of months back!!!

I very well remember a story of a welfare state of thousands of years ago in the Seventh Land of High Heaven where there was a Chieftain and his followers in lakhs. I remember this was written by one author whose name, if I remember correct, is Newman Vincent Sheppard.

Though that Chieftain was arrogant, selfish and corrupt, his subjects showered all love and respects to him as he helped them with all their needs and necessities of life.  They were promised of food, clothing and shelter- considered to be three basic necessities of the human beings all free!

Promises remained promises and thousands slept under the sky or under the green wood trees. According to their culture and customs the Chieftain will change once in a decade- it can be a member of one sex each term and whether man or woman they will compete with each other in making their subjects “LOTUS EATERS”. Care free in several aspects-eating lotus flowers and fruits that will make them free from hunger and they will sleep for long hours every day! Still they hoped honestly that their beloved Chieftain will provide them with all that were promised if not immediately, sure sometime later. We do not know whether that ‘later’ ever came!

Some may go for some odd jobs here and there which they could take after greasing the palms of the Chieftain’s retinue of servers. Anything extra services they needed ‘a lot’ to give and get things done.

A good portion of what they pay for their required services will go to their Chieftain – since it has become a habit none bothered to question and none were interested getting chastised by the Chieftain’s men. The beauty or pity is that year after year the Chieftain was becoming fatter and fatter and the subjects thinner and thinner!

Some youth wanted to protest but they were silenced in a clever maneuver by the Chieftain and his supporters. Generations after generations accepted this as a way of life and became a part of their culture about which they don’t hesitate to boast and in fact they are proud of the same.

Hours turned into days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, years to decades, decades to centuries and centuries to ages! What happened subsequently was left to the imaginations of the readers.


I remember to have read this during my school days. That is around sixty years ago and I rarely think of the author Newman Vincent Shepard and his creation of the Chieftain and his subjects-lotus eaters- in the seventh Heaven.


                                       The Land of the Lotus Eaters


6 thoughts on “IN THE SEVENTH LAND OF HIGH HEAVEN!  (Land of Lotus Eaters!)

  1. This is what is exactly happening for generations not only in India, perhaps everywhere. The “arrogant, selfish and corrupt” politicians go on making promises that are never fulfilled. And they will be going on repeating the same promises in every election….. mesmerising the “subjects” with some freebies and somehow retain the power….. See the beautiful definition of the dictionary of a politician:- “a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.”


  2. I enjoyed reading your storied thoughts here. They are always so deep and pondered. I find it fascinating that the Chieftains followers stopped thinking and just gave all they had. He must have really been charismatic!


    1. I don’t know. If you draw a parallel you have to check up with the soul of the author Newman Vincent Shepard. Thanks Sadagopan.


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