WORLD NO-TOBACCO DAY is today! May 31st.




The killer tobacco kills wherever used in the world

Rightly observed WORLD ANTI TOBACCO DAY today bold!

Whatever form it is used it is strong enough to kill

Expenses apart one has to take care of his health’s bill!


Cigar, cigarette, beedi, snuff, chewing tobacco leaves

Nothing makes any difference six lakhs are made to leave

The world untimely all over the world making other

Six lakhs- passive smokers  also suffer great together!


Only the users know the pleasure it gives-made to smoke

Others only know what great harm it causes to them -stroke

Distinct possibility- deters not the poor smokers

God only to make them give up the killer tobacco!


No warnings on the cigarette pack small or big can teach

No increasing the cost with steep yearly taxes can preach

No sign boards- NO SMOKING- can bring any good sense in them

No sufferings can mend- God’s grace may inject sense  in them!


Bluete in Aschenbecher.jpg

Ash trays with fresh flowers are a common symbol of World No Tobacco Day!


4 thoughts on “WORLD NO-TOBACCO DAY is today! May 31st.

  1. All human efforts to eradicate tobacco have failed because our rulers are NOT sincere. Otherwise why should not a total ban on the manufacturing of Cigars, cigarettes, beedis or the use of tobacco in any form be imposed? For that matter on the growing of tobacco crop itself unless there are some valid reasons for tat? Here too the Governments are more interested in the revenue, as in the case of Licquor, than the welfare of the people.God should inject sense in the rulers first!!


  2. Looks like it is a losing battle. It is so with all steps towards ridding the society of all manner of ills. It has been so since ages. But not to despair. We have to keep on sawing wood. Even if a small percentage is reform ed, the effort has been worth it.


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