1.   Summer and winter

Part of Nature – God made sure

Accept with heart pure!

2.  Summer is pleasant

To write “Mid summer night’s dream”

Sky throws a crescent!

3. Summer and winter

Brings out the great truth of life

Hot and cold glitter!

4. Sure the world needs both

Hot summer and cold winter

Ensure peoples’ growth!

5. Hot summer brings joy

To my children, the schools close

Nice time to enjoy!

6. Summer has glory

For all of us to enjoy

Can make a story!

7. Summer is pleasant

To all those who have a mind

To taste the crescent!

8. Summer can be cold

As cold as Himalayas

Mind to be quite bold!

9. Great summer showers

Bring nice relief, joy and cheers

Nature’s strong powers!

10.  Summer gets flowers

Exotic and excellent

People in great cheers!


It has its own scorching Sun to cool itself!!!!!!


Kindly look for my 500th post on the 463rd day of ENVIUS THOUGHTS -TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 10. on Sunday the 5th June 2016. Thanks.



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