June 5 – “World Environment Day” is tomorrow.



                                   My HAIKU POEMS    “ ON ENVIRONMENT!”


Clean environment

Great asset we can create

Nice disarmament!


In quest of nature

We shall all walk together

For a bright future!


Keep safe our manthra!

Trees great nature’s gift

To take care our prime duty

Lest we perish swift!


Birds and animals

Our kith and kin to take care

God saves universe!


Air nature’s present

Nature god’s fine creation

Cool air sure pleasant!


Pre-dawn- magic wand

That transforms earth into heaven

Sure makes man’s life grand!


A grand sight to see

Last rays of the dying Sun

Gives to joy a key!


Pure water and air

Nature’s gift to the mankind

Protect nice and fair!

9 Fail not to protect

Our Mother Environment

Lest no protection!



Environment Science

Students are taught in their schools

Ever have conscience!







2 thoughts on “June 5 – “World Environment Day” is tomorrow.

  1. Very true that environment should be protected. Nicely brought out. This can happen only when internal enviroment of the self is well kept.


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