WORLD OCEAN DAY is today! (8/6)



“Healthy oceans, healthy planet”theme of the year sixteen

Three fourths of the earth has water all around-keep its sheen

In tact as our duty bounden on this day holy sure

On this great  WORLD OCEAN DAY for our survival quite pure!


Great creation of the Almighty for the use of all

None to have the hegemony over the God’s gift tall

Yet all have duty to protect the protector-ocean

Giver of health and wealth to all on earth with great passion!


Sagar -the sea- is deemed as God in India by all

Offering prayer on the days holy taking bath

Not a dumping yard for garbage and carcass remember

Greatest gift of God -as  an act of divine surrender!


Where is rain if oceans are not well protected by all

Where is food for human and animal beings sans sea

Where is transportation of men and goods sans sea route

All the reasons why on this day to resolve to protect sure!


Sunset over the Indian Ocean. Malpe Beach. Photo by: Sharadha NV

                             Photo by N V Sharadha 


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