A girl plays the role of blood recipient in World Blood Donor Day 2016 video

Most precious things in the world -creation of the Almighty

Are human and animal beings and their BLOOD-mighty!

None can survive without blood – pure and strong in the body

In distress, transfusion of blood on time saves lives many!


Blood knows the religion of groups- no caste, creed or color

Donor on time is a God incarnation- fine power

World Health Organization rightly honors the donors

One of the days eight observed the world over in respect!


The theme of the year “BLOOD CONNECTS US ALL” irrespective

Of age and position, poverty or wealth, man or woman-objective

To save the life with timely donation! Let us resolve

On this day holy to prepare and help, problems to dissolve!


Blood donation not a strain on the normally strong one

One of the wonders of  God’s creation that surely wins

The hearts of the receivers-a divine act of pleasure

We appreciate the goodness of the donors ingreat measure!






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