World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, June 15

‘Child is the father of the man’ it is said trend setters

Rightly today’s children and youth are to become elders

Tomorrow! Lo! We forget and treat elders horrible

Making their lives miserable, living impossible!


Necessity arose for UN to declare a day

“World Elders Abuse Awareness Day”, make the people pay

Respect and treat them well –no abuse at least- for God’s sake

As we treat them so we will be treated by our wards-forsake!


At homes and places public, for them we find no respect

Atrocious it is to treat them bad, abuse and neglect!

Shame it is to find them suffer hell at the old age home

While their children sit in joy in the house the parents built!


On this day important let us take a pledge-pledge not to

Abuse the seniors but in fact to protect them well

Show all our love and affection when  health fails and fall ill

The least that one can do to his parents and mentors full!  





  1. “Show all our love and affection when health fails and fall ill.” ILL or WELL what is required is a kind word now and then from the kith and kin.


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