FATHER’S DAY was yesterday!19/6/16.

Here is my humble tributes on the occasion of FATHER’S DAY to my beloved father who passed away in the year 1987 at his age of 86 on MARCH SIXTH, but for whom  and God’s grace I could not have been what I am today.


                                    Shri N.R.Viswanathan- the Hero of this poem

A great man he was in his mind and noble in his life
A renowned teacher remembered and revered for long
Lived a full life of years eighty six predicted his death
Told his people at home  that it will be on March sixth!

His students will tell- “think of him in examination hall
On the eve of Maths and English”-will do well and stand tall!
Taught us the value of time and faith in God, a noble life
Till this day in seventy six follow well and live so nice!

Morning walk, studies on time, method of reading language
Efficacy of yoga, loving all and serving all taught in baggage!
His grace and blessings sustain us today and that his life
Inspires us  even today though about to join him!

That was my father-noble father-born a century
And quarter earlier to now- beloved father-recollect me
On this happy holy day-“Father’s Day” to be cherished
And walk on the path noble shown by him and get flourished!



                             Mr. N R Visvanathan- Mrs. Lakshmi-Parents of N V Subbaraman



6 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY was yesterday!19/6/16.

  1. Praying to the Teacher before start of exam – the Teacher imbibed so much respect in the minds of his students .
    Just as your father set an example for you , you are example to your sons to follow


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