Both the days are great-yesterday and today-two days in June
Good health and happiness, peace and poise- easy- one gets the moon!
First is the Indian legacy from our noble ancestors
Second is from Olympism of Paris great creators!

Yoga and meditation help indeed a great deal of focus
And concentration for the good of all in whatever one does
Regular practice from the age of five-Guru my father
Stands by me at mid seventies-greatness of my master!

Olympic day to observe the Olympic values-great four
Fair Play, Perseverance, Respect and Sportsmanship more and more!
The day to celebrate Olympic committee’s pillars three
Move, Learn and Discover- not only in sports but in life free!

Learning Yoga and sports right from the childhood brings all good
To learn, parents and schools to encourage – a sumptuous food
Food for good health and happiness, harmony and joy for ever
Support to spare an hour each day sure and pure -neglect never!

 Sirsasana pose (Head stand)


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