In the Lord’s creation human beings form the roof and crown
In the nature’s course they live together not to be let down
In the will of God, wife is to die the man goes on in life
If husband dies lo! the wife called widow suffers in pain in file!

She loses her status, abhorred by all, her peace and poise gone
Poor she becomes- no food, shelter and clothing- pity all gone
Safety and security, economic freedom gone scarce
Society, children not excluded show respect scant and farce!

Theme of the day and year two thousand sixteen-“NEVER ALONE”
Today’s widow was yesterday’s beloved daughter, sister, wife
Unfair and misfortune to be left in lurch in old age home
Duty of the children, society to make her quite at home!

Widowhood at an young age the worst- a woman to suffer
Neither it is a sin nor her crime-it’s destiny’s offer
All kith and kin, people and society to assure her sure
“NEVER ALONE” and help all the way to lead normal life pure!


This is a small request to all my fellow Indian “A widow wants society’s acceptance more than its charity” Please think about it!
My dear Esteemed Viewers,
I am glad to share the information that ENVIUS THOUGHTS in with today’s 56 views at 11.20 hrs. in its 518th post on 481st day of the Blog has reached total view score of FORTY SIX THOUSAND (46000) from 198 countries. . I am thankful to all my viewers for their kind support and encouragement. I solicit the same in the days to come also. My immense thanks to WORDPRESS. .
45000 was crossed on 16/6/2015 at 5.25hrs.
Yours sincerely
N V Subbaraman.

2 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL WIDOWS DAY 23/6.

  1. You are absolutely right Sir!!!

    “All kith and kin, people and society to assure her sure
    “NEVER ALONE” and help all the way to lead normal life pure!”

    ఎందరో సంఘ సంస్కర్తలు…నిరంతరం పోరాడి…విధవా వివాహాలు…పునర్వివాహాలు
    ప్రోత్సహించినా సమాజం ఇంకా ఆశించినంత స్థాయిలో ఎదగలేదు…మారలేదు…

    I shudder to think of the people making business out of forlorn windows even in places like Vrindavan.


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