Thy’re friendly foes
Verily they act as friends
Friendship simply goes!
Friendship gift from God
Good one grows like waxing moon
Sure gets noble’s nod!
Books provide knowledge
That gives strength to the mankind
Good friends, great privilege!
Friendship makes us proud
Helps our life firmly secured
Lifts beyond the cloud!
Good friends provide us joy
Corrects as we go astray
Friends make us enjoy!
Friends there are, never seen
Eternal friendship continues
On that they are keen!
Friendship strong and great
When blossoms out of heart deep
Not when born from lips!
Good friends lift us high
That leads to nobility
Sure we fly to sky!
Select the friends nice
Lest we fall into deep pit
Hard indeed is to raise!
Friends are of two types
Shun the bad and keep the good
Nice swan sucks milk right!
Friendship great and fine
Stands like rock in times of need
Next stands books so nice!



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