LET MILLION………………………..!

Let million daffodils
Dance for peace in the happy world
Let million jasmines
Spread the fragrance in a lovely mold
Let million nightingales
Sing for joy and pleasure loud and bold
Let million doves
Spread their wings for harmony manifold
Let million roses
Bloom to make us forget the day of doom

Let million showers
Bring in hope and cheers in the manner of perfume
Let million voices
Rent the air for global love and peace
Let million minds
Work for universal peace with ease
Let million thoughts
Raise in nobility to chase and change our destiny
Let the millennium new
See the world full of peace and joy, health and harmony

Let million patriotic minds
Work ceaselessly and protect freedom and democracy.
Let million children
Sing the songs of peace in harmony.
Let millions of kind hearts
Spread the message of kindness and compassion!
Let million words
Be spoken in praise of sweetness in expression.
Let millions of hands
Show the joy of giving and charity to the poor.

Let the millennium third
Groom the world without war and strife
Let the millennium next
Drink the nectar of love and light all through life!


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