World Doctor’s Day-July First .


It is VAIDHYA SHASTRA one of the sixty four Indian arts
Pioneers in surgery and medicine for all body parts
Sidhdha and Ayurveda practiced since time immemorial
On this World Doctors’Day let us bow at the level national!

Doctors are indeed saviors of life and health who sacrifice
Their personal comforts and time to have this medical service
With their great and sacred medical ethics and code of conduct
Of late found more and more commercial and less with humanism!

Oh! My Lord! The creator of all humans including Doctors
To help patients please make them serve with love and compassion-factors
To be considered emergency, paying capacity sure
Doctors will be respected and revered as divine very pure!

Whether individual or an organization poor fleeced
Day in and day out the sick find a hell getting quite a lot teased.
Doctors -young or old, men or women, generalist or specialist
Praying God that there comes no need to meet a doctor-in-humanist!


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