July 11 – World Population Day



Oh, My Lord, the entire world is Thy benign creation
Of all creations- man is the roof and crown-perfection
Manpower sure is the strongest and lovely in the world
Nations to be proud of its people healthy, wise and bold!

July eleventh, U N declared “WORLD POPULATION DAY”
Sure to focus the attention of the world on this day
On issues important and urgent that impact the world
Peoples’ mind to be attuned to meet the challenges bold!

A theme based observation each year should be to focus
Current year’s is INVESTING IN TEEN AGE GIRLS quite pious
Neither here nor there not knowing the society-innocent
Being exploited by the unscrupulous- risk imminent!

Parents, teachers, elders and the society be vigilant
To make them informed and self reliant limbs pertinent
For the success and well-being of the world at large pure
All have to pledge to work with conscience clear and sure!

   2016 theme for the year  


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