In the creation of God, human beings unique indeed
Come into the world as any one else but some make a mark
Serve the mankind quite a lot to help the people in great need
Remembered and adored by all on earth – reality stark!

One such noble human was Malala a teen aged girl
The child activist from Pakistan- a valuable pearl
To fight for education of girls in Swat valley opposing
The Taliban at an age when others play, sing and reading!

She was shot in head and neck by the Tehrik-i-Taliban
A hard core group opposing all not in tune with tradition
That earned her the fame of “youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate”
July twelfth declared by U N as MALALA DAY quite great!

Old and the young to draw inspiration to work for the world
Age and religion, rich or poor- not a factor to reap gold
Gold of appreciation for nobility of purpose
Against hurdles on the way one can come across marvelous!













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