Raising Venus in the world of Science
Comrade of the space-Einstein
A Scientist fantastic
His quantum theory
Principles of division
Dimension of the matter
Or source of energy
Analyzing its nuances
Subjecting it to science
Taking it nearer
Theory of Relativity.
General policy of dependence
Or the principle of comparison.
Time and distance of the Universe
Gap and space are one and the same
Subjecting it to scientific research
Looking at it in close quarters
These two great scientific
Thoughts and principles
Of Einstein brought about
An awareness
About the World, earth
Great treasures.
Intellectual prompters
Guides, searches
Research insinuations!
Teasers and ticklers of the
Matter and energy of
The Universe
Intellectual outbursts
Shattered thoughts
Flow of thoughts!
They indeed are
From his research cabin made
Seriously calculated
Deeply thought about
Lab. Analyses
Sources of energies
Energy of energies
Of the impermanent
Great world
Awful mass!
Outcome of a serious outburst
From nothingness
Big vacant space less space
In split of a second
As if everything is there!
Great outburst
Mega outburst
Outburst of the outbursts
Serious outburst
Spit outburst
Hurdle less outburst
Tight outburst
Outburst that
Accurately search the puzzles!


Before nothingness
Sky, or space –universe
Was a matter less, powerless
Just vacant space;
Nothingness without any roots
Vacant ground without anything;
Sinking ground
Treasure ground
Poetic ground sans forests
Sowing the seeds of songs
A mirage, fire bed;
This can be accepted, thought over
Considered, discussed;
Seeds of the Universe, mystery of the Universe,
Suppression or pressure was within
As a treasure, as wealth!
A hidden matter it was
A state of deep silence.
Breathless, breath controlled state of salvation;
Awful silence
Pretty awful silence, original silence unalloyed
Deep silence, very deep silence;
One with deep silence in sound sleep
Pressureful, pressure added
Peace- less peace
Silence- less silence!
Place- less place
Nothingness filled nothingness
Colorless darkness
Solid darkness
Awful darkness, nothingness…….nothingness
Nothingness called pretty nothingness!


Beyond the bounds of
Time, distance, and space
Not within the grasp of,
As silent lady
With cores of silent moments
Silent arithmetic
Silent thoughts
Was vacant with vengeance!
As timeless time
Time making heatless heat
Lightless light
Silent and soundless space
It was lying dormant fuming!
Murmuring and challenging!
In the sleeping seed lies the
Bud, tender unripe fruit,
Ripened fruit
And tree!
Like the seed
Universe was asleep
Like a body dead –breathless
Sans slight movements!
Lying dormant.
Like a seedling anxious to come
Out of its seed,
Universe wanted to come out
Extricating itself,
Attempting to create the space
Trying to expand the space!

(to be continued)


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