Regular gene and fruit
It was
Formless, spiritless
Hot beyond all limits.
It was indeed a source
Of all power and strength.
Matter less
Drops and dust
Ununderstandable point
Expanding space
To create vacuum
Universe was;
Universe contained it
It was ferocious.
For example
An iron ball in the size of a foot ball
Let us create a vacuum there.
Lifeless, nothing can enter
Let us seal it.
A lakh of years pass by.
Made to pass by.
Time passes.
Vacuum is never vacuum everywhere.
At all times.
Subject to change and getting changed
To pounce and anger.
Changes the vacuum;
Consequences of vacuum
In the vacuum of the iron ball
Happened a truce, a raising,
A sort of
Clarity, a gap, an explosion
Tiresomeness, a weakness,
Efficiency, greatness.
This is what
The Universe reflected; gave birth to.
Great space of Universe;
Became renowned, a great flow
A great flood of fire
Turned up, squeezed out!


Energies all are subjected to change
And get changed.
Charles Darwin’s Theory
As theory of evolution
Which is also the impact of
The evolution of the Universe.
Through the Scientists’ research
Measurements and evaluations
Mathematical formulas
It changes.
As per the principles
In a split of the moment
Explosion of the ’Big Bang’
The great explosion became a big explosion
Split and spread
Spread and split
Division of energy
Is that.
That as division of matters
As waves
As sources
As principal elements,
Silence gone.
Sleep slept, finished,
Emotions’ overflow
Withered, suffocated.
Universe came to be called space world.
Got a life anew
Freshly activated
Rose up with vigor and verve
Deeply rooted well
Made corridors
Corridors constructed
Put up corridors
Corridors born
Became great
Space world became popular
Great space was named
Acquired charm and sweetness
Even this day
The universe goes on procession
As space of music
Space of moon
Encircles earth
Moonlight space
Rolling fast
Skating speedily
Get disbursed
Explodes, splits, spreads.
Disburses, disturbed
Clashes, dashes
Crawls, strolls, scrolls
‘Big Bang’ ensues
Devastation happens
All derive the name disasters.
Subjected to devastation,
Disasters overtake
Caught in the Big Bang
Disasters, devastation!


In its flow, by its impact
By its expanding space and its pressure
Caused Deluge- huge deluge
Dance of the Deluge dazzled
Flew fast, joined strong
Anchored the Dance of the Deluge!
Saga of the deluge, saga after saga
Gradually born; born as a red saga.
Flew in anger;
Born specially; together born
Bound as energy, went beyond control!
The Universe we see today
Is subject to our research, knowledge and scrutiny
Expands, expeditiously expands, flies
Falls in the bed, dips while falling, raising
Extending like a cricket ground
It is spreading even today!
As a chariot on the move in a festival
Fireworks and crackers like
Moves slowly and steadily
Tremors and dances
The universe with all its energy
Might and valor moves like a dancing girl
Goes the dancing lady in a procession
Like Goddess Kali she
Dances and excited.

Big Bang Photograph – Computer Artwork Depicting The Big Bang Explosion by Laguna Design




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