Motherland India that is Bharath is a holy land

Giving birth to noble souls very many greats and grand

From the days of yore whom the society remembers after

Passage of decades and decades leaving their imprint faster!


Father of Indian National Movement who guided all,

Founded Deccan Educational society standing tall

Formed the Home Rule League to reach the ideal goal of swaraj

Inspired millions with his great slogan MY BIRTH RIGHT- SWARAJ!


Called ‘LOKAMANYA’- ‘Beloved of the People’ with great love

Coming from a family of Sanskrit scholars, stood above

All; brilliant in Mathematics, politics of his choice

Led the struggle in a masterly way with a strong voice!


Bhagwat Geetha, his literature quite favorite and mastered

Very well and gave commentary excellently authored

Named GEETHA RAHASYA stands great and unique even this day

On this day quite holy, following his path, homage we pay!




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