TALE OF A BLOGGER Part XI (24/7/2016)


What a great flight of time? It looks as though I ventured into my Blog just yesterday but in fact more than a year is gone and today it is 513th day and 550th post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS through https://nvsr.wordpress.com! 500th was on 463rd day and it took place on 5/6/16.

Rightly it is said “TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NONE”. We have to swim with time lest we are left aside. We can swim against flow of water but not against the flow of TIME! Time it would appear to be a GOD and one has to respect, revere and adore. Born out of this respect is the nobility of PUNCTUALITY. I recollect my Tamil poem which I quote below and give its translation in English for the benefit of my esteemed non-Tamil knowing friends from 198 countries.
கால நதியின் வெள்ளத்தைக்
கட்டி அணைக்க முடியாது
காலச் சக்கர சுழற்சியினை
கட்டுப் படுத்த இயலாது.

காலம் செல்லும் வேகத்தை
காலம் காட்டி மாற்றாது
காலம் செல்லும் சடுதியினை .
யாரும் மறக்க முடியாது.

காலம் என்பது கண்ணல்ல
காலம் என்பது பொன்னல்ல.
காலம் என்பது உயிரன்றோ
அதனைக் காப்பது முறையன்றோ?

நேரம் என்பது பொருளல்ல
நேரம் என்பது பணமல்ல
நேரம் என்பது உடலன்றோ
அதனைக் காத்தல் நெறியன்றோ?

நேரம் இல்லை எனக்கூறி
காலம் தாழ்த்தல் அறிவீனம்
காலம் குறைவு எனச்சொல்லி
ஒத்திப் போடுதல் பலவீனம்

காலைக்கதிரவன் எழுமுன்னர்
காக்கை போலக் கண் விழித்து
சேவல் போலக் கூவி நின்றால்
காலம் தன்னைக் காத்திடலாம்

உள்ளத்துறுதி இருந்திட்டால்
எள்ளத்தனையும் வீணின்றி
காலம் தன்னைக் காத்திடலாம்
நேரம்தன்னை நிமிர்த்திடலாம்
மடியை விரட்டி அடித்திட்டால்
கடினப் பணியை முடித்திடலாம்
திட்டம் இட்டே பணி செய்தால்
நட்டம் இன்றி மகிழ்ந்திடலாம்

ஆற்றும் பணியே தெய்வமெனில்
சற்றும் வேதனைப் பட வேண்டாம்
காற்றும் நமக்குக் கை கொடுக்கும்
கடமைகள் யாவும் செய்திடலாம்.

காலம் அறிந்தே பணி செய்தால்
ஞாலம் வெல்வது நம் கையில்
நேரம் குறித்தே செயல் பட்டால்
வேகம் மிகுந்தே வெற்றி பெறும்!.
Yes an English rendering may well run like this:

Floods caused in the river of time
Cannot be contained by hands.
The rotating wheels of time
Cannot be controlled.
The speed with which time goes
The clock cannot change it.
The fastness of time
None can refute.
Time is not eyes
Time is not gold.
Time is breathing
Is not protecting right?
Time is not a material
Time is not money
Time is health
Is not taking care of right?
Saying there is no time
Foolish it is to delay anything.
Saying time is not enough
Weakness it is to postpone anything.
Before the dawn
Getting up like a crow
And making sound like a rooster
Time can be protected.
With the power of the will
Not a minute can be wasted
Time can be saved
And can be straightened.
If laziness driven out
Difficult works can be finished]
If planned work undertaken
Happily all work be completed.
If work is deemed God
No need for worry or regrets
Even wind will lend hands
All duties can be completed.
If we work recognizing time
Winning the world is in our hands.
If we do our work valuing time
With speed comes success!

Yes; conscious of the greatness and relevance of time, I could achieve fair success in all my endeavors- official, domestic, personal , social and literary pursuits. Wherever and whenever punctuality is not maintained, I feel hysterical and I get what I refer to I get into ‘punctophobia’!

During the period passed between my 500th and 550th postings in the ENVIUS THOUGHTS, the view score of the blog registered a satisfactory figure of 43000 to 50000 from 198 countries.
It was on 5/6/2016 500th post was made and progress of views since then by 1000:

500th post on 5/6/2016 43375
504th post on 9/6/2016 44000
501st post on 16/6/16. 45000
518th post on 23/6/16. 46000
527th post on 1/7/18 47000
534th post on 9/7/16. 48000
542nd post on 17/7/16 49000
550th post on 24/7/16.49930

In another probably 7 hours time say by 12.00 noon total land mark view score of FIFTY THOUSAND (50,000) may be crossed with the support of my esteemed viewers.
I am grateful to all my respected viewers and I earnestly request their continued support and encouragement in future also. It is indeed very satisfying that in the last one month and more average views per day is exceeding 100 and at times it crosses 150 also!
Top five countries and posts on number of VIEWS basis.

Countries No. of VIEWS
I India 11896
II United States of America. 4854
III Pakistan 4603
IV Myanmar(Burma) 3774
V Iraq 2155

TOPICS No. of Views
I A cancer patient’s prayer 10379
II National Cancer Survivors Day (US) 8841
III World Day against Child Labor 1531
IV My Tryst with LIC 242
V About Envius Thoughts 168

I take this opportunity to share with you a message for what it is worth. There is a great organization with a noble objective called UNITED WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION having its headquarters in Chennai. In 1996, when I was in Kadapa in service with LIC of India, I was conferred their Fellowship- FELLOW OF THE UNITED WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA.
Now I have received their proposal to confer on me their precious UWA ADMIRABLE ACHIEVER AWARD on 16th September in a big function being organized by them. It makes me to realize my responsibility to improve and develop my literary pursuit. I hope God will be with me.

We have heard and seen several “I” specialists among us in this society. We learn from religious discourses that it is ideal to give up ego, selfishness –ahankara, mamakara- etc. But when it does not affect any body what so ever even a bit, to be happy about one’s achievement or accomplishments and accepting praise or appreciation or encomiums, I believe, may not infringe in the discourse dictum! The readers may be surprised why this long introduction and for what?
While I was heading the LIC operations in the districts of Kadapa, kUrnool, Ananthapur districts of Rayalaseema area during 1995-1998, a Branch manager who was deputed to attend a session in NATIONAL INSURANCE ACADEMY, Pune-a premier training organization for insurance and Banking, was given an assignment on ROLE MODEL. In about thirty who attended the Session, he was the one who presented that his ROLE MODEL was the Head of Kadapa Division at that part of time and that head happened to be me-N V Subbaraman!!!!!????
The Manager returned after the session and he gave a feedback on the session and deliberately omitting any discussion on the ROLE MODEL.

After a gap, I had to visit that Academy to give a talk; when I landed there, the Director asked me what magic I have that mesmerizes my colleagues. On further inquiry he described to me in the earlier session when a Manager quoted me as Role Model!! I simply smiled and told him that it would me my earnest endeavor to improve myself to the expectation of others.

A few months back, an eight standard student by name Shreemathi of a leading local school, resident of another Flat in our Block in the colony, when asked to write something about the person who the students respected and loved most, she chose to write about me! She made out her own reasoning for her views and she was happy that she got full three marks for that!
Now she continues in the same school in ninth standard and all the students were asked to speak for 2 minutes on a personality whom they love and respect most. Came running to me, she told about what happened in the class and how she was given full 10 marks for the two minute talk and the teacher told she would like to meet the person!!!!
I drew a parallel between what my Manager presented in NIA as to his role model in the year 1996 and the 8th/9th student presenting to the class in 2016 as to the person whom she respects and loves! I immediately thanked God for HIS immense grace and prayed that HE must bestow on me the needed to lead a good life in the remaining part of my life.

In my Part X on 5/6/16 I was referring to some awards that I could get for my Blogging efforts.
During this period between X and XI, some development in the area of Awards took place which I would like to share with my esteemed viewers. There is a great organization called UNITED WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION- to quote- “an Association formed to kindle the light of love and compassion among all nations and whenever possible, in areas of conflict, the Association will act as counseling body for equalizing the flow of knowledge, for reducing aggression and of generating attitudes of fraternization, and an Association of Truth to lend meaning to the pursuit of excellence with a view to forging an endless alliance and a more perfect Union among the people of the Earth”.
In the year 1996, they honored me as the “FELLOW OF THE UNITED WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION OF INDIA” and now they have decided to “confer the distinguished UWA ADMIRABLE ACHIEVER AWARD for the year 2016-17” to me.
It will be awarded during the deliberations of UWA FRANK MORAES ORATION LECTURE slated to be held on 16th September.

The tale is getting longer and I feel that it is the right stage to put a stop
lest the readers may get tired of reading. Thanks and we shall have the PART XII on my 600th post –probably on 11th September, GOD WILLING!


As wished, with 102 views for the day at 15.15 hours today the Sunday the 24th July,  2016 ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com has crossed historic, land mark FIFTY THOUSAND views in the Blog’s 550th post in 512 days, thanks to the continuing support and encouragement from 198 countries. I whole heatedly THANK my viewers and solicit your continued patronage to the Blog.




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