In the wonderful creation of God, the Almighty
Humans born great and become great quite morally mighty
By hard work, devotion and dedication all through life
Society remembers eternally and honor high!

Born of a humble background rose to the sky high level
By sheer hard work and God’s grace- scientist, philosopher novel
Firmly entrenched in the minds of all- youth in particular
First citizen of the country dreamt of developed India!

Space scientist overwhelmed with love for Karnatic music
Loved my translation of Keerthanas of Thyagayya in Tamil
Visited the home of the vocalist at Madurai
Heard them sung in person, paid respects to the Saint Poet!

Today is Abdul Kalam’s death anniversary first
To follow his ideals in our day to day life fast
Greatest tributes Indians can pay to the noble soul
Strive hard to make developed India by twenty- tall!


Dr. Abdulk Kalam spends time with the musicians in Madurai who rendered Telugu Thyagayya’s Pancharathna Keerthanas in Tamil translated by N V Subbaraman.   


Time permitting please read three related stories published in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in under titles A GREAT DAY WITH DR. ABDUL KALAM Part I, Part  II and  A SAD PARADOX posted on 15/315, 28/7/15 and 2/8/15 respectively. Thanks.



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