July 28 – World Nature Conservation Day

Lord, the Almighty, created the world in all its splendor
Humans and animals, hills and dales, seas and lakes great wonder
Nature’s magnificent manifestation be protected
And in our own interest of all beings be conserved!

Pity it is that nature faces increasing threat from all
Challenge today is how to preserve Nature- its beauty tall
Natural resources help in achieving development
Sustainable and should be made known to all for improvement!

To inculcate habits environment friendly and lead life
A Green Lifestyle- environment healthy is foundation right
That ensures a stable and productive society our need
Let us resolve to conserve and protect, make the people heed!

Today is nature conservation day. It means a day which reminds us to protect, conserve and sustain our natural resources. 


2 thoughts on “July 28 – World Nature Conservation Day

  1. It is the duty of all to conserve nature and preserve the Prestine beauty of nature. It is for our own future and well-being natural resources are guarded and protected.Let us all resolve to live a Green life style


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