Image result for Images of Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda and BharatImage result for Images of Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda and Bharat

Inspiration from these three noble souls

In God’s wonderful creation, we have wonderful men
With great mission and noble vision that makes a heaven
Serving the poor and the needy – silent revolution
Society ever thankful to the great Institution!

Many men, many missions- some are unique and great sure
Here is one SEVALAYA in a village remote pure
Serving the orphaned children and elders with all their hearts
Named after the great guides, nobles, mentors from many parts!

Inspiration – Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekananda
And Mahakavi Bharathi- lifts Sevalaya
To Scale heights great- dedication and devotion tall
Of all connected with the aim noble-LOVE ALL SERVE ALL!

God’s grace aplenty, noble efforts of all enormous,
Help of the noble minds hectic and heartwarming- joyous
Inmates made to be disciplined and cultured by role-model
Teachers, workers , volunteers from A to Z –heads level!


                                     Sevalaya’s HALLS  OF LEARNING


(A full Sunday story on the activities of SEVALAYA will appear shortly)



Person of the Week: N V Subbaraman

which carries my interview. Please give your comments beneath the article itself where a provision has been made to register. Thanks.




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