August 8 – World Senior Citizen Day.

In the creation of Lord Almighty, the Omnipotent
The living beings-animals, plants, men, women competent
They may be, have to make their exit from the world one day sure
Child, adolescent, youth middle aged, old aged all pure!

All men and women beyond the age of sixty are honored
AS senior citizens and have their place of their own pleased
The day has come to declare WORLD SENIOR CITIZEN DAY
On eighth of August every year to think of them in a great way!

Citizens to be respected and taken care of are seen
In old age homes alas! Yearning for love and affection keen
From their beloved children for whom they sacrificed all their best
Left uncared and respected, selfish to the core-fallen crest!

In the fast paced life of today, our elders are often left behind. Our parents and grandparents raise us, care for us, love us and then one day we forget …

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