August 12th International Youth Day.


In the growth of the human beings every stage is great
Sure never to be got back stages indeed are they –a treat
Of all, youth is the stage that makes or mars the society
To be carefully nursed and nurtured by the elders with piety!

Youth power indeed is the great wealth of the home and the world
Today is the International Youth Day- a day to mold
As envisioned by Vivekananda who wanted youth force
To make India a great heaven and work-sure not a farce!

Need to be guided on values and virtues of life by elders
No preaching but by practicing- role models to be leaders
Inspiring and motivating they should be at homes and schools
That will make youth at the impressionable age grow noble!

Youth force not for future-it is our present-our planet
Is indeed youngest today with two billion youth-magnet
The most connected, outspoken, open-minded generation
To be guided on the lines right by all with admiration!


Happy International Youth day Posters



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