Man created by the Lord Almighty follows His dictates
Normally all follow suit that is natural- some fluctuate
Though appearing to be different has its own charm
One such is unique men and women lefthanders- no harm!

Known as Southpaws, lefties can be legitimately proud of
More intelligent and creative and active they are
Made lovely mark in politics, sports, studies one can think of
All over the world-the day dedicated to lefthanders!

Great celebrities in dozens adorn the world of lefthanders
Amitab Bachchan, Abishekh Bachchan and Kapil Sharma
Obama, Bill Clinton, Laxmi Mittal and Ratan Tata
Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Yuvaraj Singh!

Lefthanders think more with right brain and always right they are
Today International Lefthanders’ Day observed near and far
The lefties have something to boost their ego- highly creative
Intellectual more they are – look at the great list above!


Please visit  Person of the Week at Indian Periodical  Glad to share with you all my dear viewers  that this interview has been viewed by more than 1000 readers since it was posted on 31/7/16 and occupies the second slot in the most viewed articles in the Indian Periodicals established in April 2004.It has got 36 comments beneath the article itself. Thanks for your support. 


I am glad to share with you, my esteemed viewers, that ENVIUS THOUGHTS yesterday crossed TOTAL VIEWS OF 53000. I thank you wholeheartedly for your continued support to the Blog.









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