The 2016 Olympic gold medal

‘GOLDS’ AWAIT YOU, our darling sports daughters of India
Next Olympics not far away nor you are from the GOLD
Arise, awake, go on with the practice till you reach the gold
Prayers of millions bound to get what you cherish bold!

God has made HIS sons and daughters never alike quite sure
With differences distinct to achieve with efforts pure
You are made to perform great and bound to bring laurels great
Sindhu and Sakshi- worthy warriors in sports- a treat!

Be happy and content with the outcome in twenty sixteen
Twenty twenty is just years four away to fly fast- keen
Keep the body and mind- mind more than body- spic and span
God of success sure to embrace you with her golden hands!

                            Sakshi and Sindhu to get GOLD in 2020


Please visit  Person of the Week at Indian Periodical    Glad to share with you all my dear viewers  that this interview has been viewed by more than 1000 readers since it was posted on 31/7/16 and occupies the second slot in the most viewed articles in the Indian Periodicals established in April 2004.It has got 40 comments beneath the article itself. Thanks for your support. 


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