IMG_20160825_1924055_rewind                                                                                         Photo by Nivetha

Wonderful is the creation of Lord Almighty- living beings
Men and women, trees and plants, seas and rivers, animals and birds
To live in perfect peace and harmony and coexist with all beings
Varied shapes and sizes, hues and colors, nature and habits-bards!

Nothing to wonder the children attracted towards fishes and cats.
A black and white cat was going round and round of late in our flats
Much to the delight of the children and elders delivered kittens four
All are of lovely brown color-true to Bharathi’s song*  more!!

Fishes are aplenty in ponds, rivers and seas of shapes and sizes
Colors and types varied- giving livelihood for millions-spices!
Give treat sumptuous to the viewers while kept in a tank at home
Or a bowl as Aquarium- Nive was one delighted on these !


She got her dream aquarium and felt as if had a heaven
Tending the small fishes swimming from one end to the other-seven
Of one color and thirteen of colors different, feeding morn and night
Taking care more of them than her own studies and food- feels quite right!!!



 Photo of her newly acquired AQUARIUM-by Nivetha S

  • Bharathi’s song runs as:

வெள்ளை நிறத்தொரு பூனை-எங்கள்
வீட்டில் வளருது கண்டீர்;
பிள்ளைகள் பெற்றதப் பூனை;–அவை
பேருக்கொருநிற மாகும்.

சாம்பல் நிறமொரு குட்டி — கருஞ்
சாந்து நிறமொரு குட்டி
பாம்பு நிறமொரு குட்டி – வெள்ளப்
பாலின் நிறமொரு குட்டி.

எந்த நிறமிருந் தாலும் -அவை
யாவும் ஒரே தர ம்ன்றோ?
இந்த நிறம் சிறி தென்றும் -இஃது
ஏற்ற மென்றும் சொல்லலாமோ?

In English it will read as:
White coloured cat
Is coming up in our house
It delivered kittens
Each had its own colour!

Ash coloured was one
Black coloured was another
That was the colour of the snake
Another was milky white!

Whatever be the colour
By its quality all were the same!
None can say this colour is poor
And the other is great!

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