Nature’s will is that all living beings have to see their end one day
Yet when the day comes out of turn, all sufferings follow that dooms day.
Here is a nice cat with its newborn a delight to children and elders
Feeding, playing, sleeping, carrying all indeed provided pleasures!

Photo by Nivetha and her pets. 

 Alas! What a cruel end to the mother cat just in hours twelve
Cruel hands of destiny snatched away her-in whom also Gods dwell
Sight horrible was the mother cat being dragged by that rogue dog-
Around our flats. Man shoots the other to death, dog bites the cat to death.

Poor kittens four longing to see their mother and get fed cried in shrill voice
The kittens seen above were given asylum in the BLUE CROSS Chennai-Choice
Of thousands of dogs,cats, squirrels, white rats, chicks, ducks and orphaned lots
Who can help if these are destined to be, like the destitutes are in  homes!


*On 27/8/16, there was a post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS titled “PETS OF THE PEOPLE”. The death of the mother cat referred to in this post is the same black and white cat that delivered 4 brown  kittens just four days ago.


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