LIC CHENNAI

Sixty years in the service of the Nation LIC completes
The giant public sector organization gladly resolves
To reach seventy five with greater glory in its cause to serve
The people, society and the nation with remarkable reserve!

Economy protected, people’s money for people’s welfare
Sixty long years-LICsians in million work sans fanfare
Grateful people made the giant LIC market leader sure!

Lot of grounds yet to be covered realize all those connected
Present and past dream, think act to fulfill that ambition conceived.
Companies may come and companies may go but EL AI SEE goes
On and on towards its goal cherished to serve and serve sans woes!


Image result for Images of LIC CO Building YOGAKSHEMA in Bombayo

                                 LIC CENTRAL OFFICE YOGAKSHAMA in Mumbai.

Image result for Images of LIC CO Building YOGAKSHEMA in Bombayo


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