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Teacher is a teacher all over the world revered and respected
Can be a mother or father or friend whoever teaches-accepted.
May be an alphabet or agricultural science taught by a teacher
Hinduism treats mother,father, Teacher and God-in that great order!

Great and noble men and women are born many in this land holy
One such was Teacher-Philosopher-President of India- greatly
Never wanted to celebrate his birth day but wished the Government
To make it TEACHERS’ DAY- and today is that holy day-in fulfillment!

Let us pay our homage to that great Philosopher statesman
Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and all our teachers-great men
Teachers spend more time with our wards than our parents while they are young
Have an influence and impact on the mind and character of the young!


Image result for Images for TEACHERS' DAY 5th September


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2 thoughts on “TEACHERS’ DAY IS TODAY! (5/9/16)

  1. Mr. Subbaraman’s write up on Teacher’s day is excellent. The Philosopher-Statesman’s exegecies are relevent even to-day. His life, teachings, are all inspirational fountain-head for generations to come, particularly students and teachers communities as well. Kudos to Mr. N.V. Subbaraman for the homage


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