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The world believes in the existence of an Omnipotent
It is a right belief and faith that makes us competent
And make us worthy citizens to play our role correct
Towards peace and harmony- home and society perfect!

India and Hindus have their means and methods of own
That makes Hinduism a way of life and living-grown
Over years thousands -origin yet to be decided
‘Sanathana dharma’, we say and follow-well designed!

Of all the Hindu Gods, Ganesha the foremost who helps
Remove the obstacles on the way of living noble
Vigneshwara-all vignas-obstacles removed by Him-tall
Ganesh Chathurthi was yesterday! Let HIS grace be on all!

Image result for Images for Ganesh Chathurthi 2016.


With the grace of Ganesha and the support of my esteemed viewers ENVIUS THOUGHTS in at its 595th post on the 560th Day of the blog – today  Tuesday the 6th September at 15.30 hours has CROSSED FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND views. I immensely thank you all for your support to the Blog and kindly continue to support.

N V Subbaraman.


  1. Dear Sir Hinduism is our way of life . It is rightly said that it is Ganesha who removes all the obstacles in life and receives the Agrspuja as Adhinayaka. He is worshipped by children as the Giver of Knowledge and thus the habit of worshipping him from childhood takes root in the little minds .I still cherish my childhood memories and pray the Lord for peace and well being of the society now!


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