Image result for Images for the International Coastal Cleanup Day-17th September 2016.

Nature -the greatest manifestation of the Lord Almighty
Nature has blessed the world with long coasts as valuable bounty!
Long coastal lines all along in the world great security
It is for the world to keep it quite clean, very safe and tidy!

Thirty years ago was launched by the Ocean conservancy US
To cleanup of the coastal areas including all beaches
To create awareness on protecting the fragile environs
Along the coast and exhibit support for coastal habitats!

Volunteers in thousands from schools, colleges and the public keen
Are to collect garbage all over the coast lines and make them clean
Volunteers in any number can engage in this work noble
Fishers in the coast are happy to join the work-quite stable!

Image result for Images for the International Coastal Cleanup Day-17th September 2016.



Chapter 48 of Part II of ThirukkuraL – ASSESSING STRENGTH- திருக்குறள்- பொருட்பால்- 48வது அதிகாரம் -வலி அறிதல்- has been published in the Indian Periodical of 11th September. Kindly click any of the following links and again click “HERE IS VALLUVAR’S VOICE” to read the same. Kindly record your comment in the space provided  beneath the article itself so that your assessment can be enjoyed by other readers as well. One such you will find from Shri OK Sivanganam. Thanks. In the course of a day, this has been read by more than 50 Thirukkural enthusiasts.

In the same links, please read from the archives, the post on PERSON OF THE WEEK N V SUBBARAMAN – his interview on the Universal work-magnum opus of Saint Poet THIRUVALLUNAR’s THIRUKKURAL translated into English- which stands at the second most viewed post with more than 1600 views.


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