Shri KVVS Prasad with the blog author
Shri KVVS Prasad with the blog author

This Sunday story gives the thoughts and views of my good friend from Vishakapatnam  Sri KVVS Prasad on ENVIUS THOUGHTS which he has been following  regularly and meticulously. He was my colleague in Kadapa  where I had the great opportunity of serving the people of Rayalaseema through Life Insurance Corporation of India for three years with a band of dedicated employees.

Part I was published on 17/7/16.


Comment: sir making a humble start in responding to your noble thoughts. treasure of immense value and i am yet to follow your stream.

2) 24/8/15.

I have gone thru your tribute for the precious and noble gem and

i really feel for you .Your treatise on ant man is interesting and

educative . nice to hear about Ramnath’s intervention.

(3) 28/10/15.

Going through your noble thoughts I find your varied experience and command on subjects creativity and concern .Equally I observed your love for fellow humans. I also found your mind when you spoke of Madam who is snatched away from you when you need her most I equally congratulate you for your indomitable spirit to do your mite to the society.

(4) 30/10/15.

Thrift from early ages of childhood and employment is a requirement and necessity and prudence in spending is itself respecting and valuing money. Your poetic observations on this Day of thrift are valuable.

Your observations through Let million daffodils….reflects the need and propagation of love and harmony among-st the human beings of the world and the and their responsibility to see that the entire universe is at peace in the true spirit of universal brotherhood in the new millennium.

Noble thoughts -is thought provoking and true it is the responsibility of the society, teachers, parents to sow the seeds of love and amity among human beings and nurture noble thoughts.  It is an eye opener.

(5) 2/11/15.

Sri Shivagnanam’s review of Noble thoughts and your views on National Unity Day are educative.

Your day’s post on tolerance gone through and graphic representation of , susceptible and tolerant attracted me apart from understanding the need of present day society to be tolerant as a prerequisite for world peace .

(6) 4/11/15.

The Saint’s appreciation of Rain GOD and glorification of rain as Life Giver is smoothing.

(7) 17/12/15.

The saint’s message is clear that we should not covet other’s wealth .The world is bound to be peaceful if this is put to practice.

(8) 17/12/15.

Going through these columns, I could feel the Greatness of the Wise Saint .People who indulge in vain talk open up their own ignorance in the presence of others. Even the wise who fall prey to this fancy at times realize the hollowness of their misadventure later.

Backbiting, if we stop resorting to it, then the mind gets fresh. Age and resulting wisdom also are major contributors.


Chapter Twenty Seven அதிகாரம்27 PENANCE தவம் உற்ற நோய் …

The virtues of penance are well brought by Sri Subbaraman. Penance strengthens body and mind. Through penance people face challenges of life , glitter like gold notwithstanding the blows, keep their distinctive identity , come out successful.

(10) 6/3/16.

I have gone through the fund of information in the form of Sri Jha’s appreciation, world spelling day , Swamy DayanandSaraswthi’s birthday, articles on Sri RAMANA Maharshi 16,15 Blogging 101(I am not familiar with) and Blogger’s diary . I really enjoyed the fragrance. Seeing you before your computer is really pleasant.

(11) 22/3/16.

I could go through various articles spread over a fortnight in your column. Bhagawan’s request to the Lord to drive away his ego to enable him to merge with the Lord and Ideas on withered leaf are indeed philosophical. I also went through the articles on World Consumer Day, Common wealth day are informative and focused.

Pleading with Lord to drug him to drive away his (Sri RAMANA’s) illusion is interesting. It shows his nearness to the Lord (voice of RAMANA 18)

It is true that with this kind of unison of mind Sri RAMANA asks the Lord not to criticize his defects but to adopt him as he is(voice of RAMANA 19)

‘Sun Earth Day’ is energizing!

Negative Desires are to be replaced by the positive. Preaching of Sri Ramana bringing out the difference between silence of a Saint and that of a stone are clear (VOR 20)

Sri Sivagnanam’s views about your Posts reflect his knowledge and highly educative.

We are missing Sparrows the childhood friends, now a days .Their plight in the wake of civilization is pathetic. The same concern is reflected in Saving Forests and Protecting Water, the life Giver.

(12) 27/3/16.

I am unable to control my laughter on the concept of quarter caning adopted by your illustrious and Noble father !

(13) 27/3/16.

This week’s Envius Thoughts are extremely educative and delightful.

Voice of Ramana reveals how Bhagavan craved for eternal bliss and merger with the Lord by pleading with Him to aim His arrow on him to take away his ego and also life paving way for the Ultimate merger.

Good Friday was a Message of Sacrifice and Peace .

Festival of colors is a day filled with Colors of Happiness.

Vyasa pournima is the value we attach to the Acharya.

‘Quarter caning’ is delightful. Pleasant and useful ideas are brought out on morning walk.

All are well brought and filled our minds with positive energy.

(14) 6/4/16.

Went through your sublime thoughts with attention and enjoyed the contents.

Hoysala Festival keeps the life of Traditional Karnataka.

I read with interest about the Nauchandimela of Meerut.

I equally understand Blogging is an Art of expression of free Will!.

I read Voice of Ramana 22 ,23,24 together in that order and understood that these are Akshra Pushpams in praise of Lord on virtues of constant meditation leading to the Ultimate merger, pleading with the Lord for his limitations on presenting his Akshara manimalai (Garland of Akshara Pushpams as I understand studded with philosophy of vedantha )with utmost modesty!

I also understood that RAMANA Maharshi was feeling dissatisfied with the presentation which shows his humility!

I am able to know the entire series are in Haiku form

1000 words on Cleaning Magic ,the Broom stick and the Legendary NVS in action are both hilarious .I really salute this symbol of Cleanliness which has many powers including the power of Forming a new Government!

Maritime day is informative. All fools’ day took me back to my school days!

Haiku on Sky- Sky is the only Limit!

Congratulations to you for you have received appreciations from a Japanese Literary Authority Sri Kazuyozi Ikeda from Osaka.


I have gone through the posts you have made in Envius Thoughts

Mother and child care and respecting the girl child is is a Paramount requirement .

Haiku on crow is very interesting and touchy .Your observation is great. Crows share food, they share the grief,they are punctual , man’s best friend, wish him good morning. They are our elders in disguise, my mother used to say!

I was spellbound to see the extent of coverage while expressing Greetings on the Tamil New year day yesterday. Every aspect touching society is dealt with . It shows your versatility.

Jallianwallah bagh massacre was a mute reminder of the tyranny of the General.

Today is Shreerama navami My Greetings to you SIR

(16) 13/5/16.

My greetings to you SIR on your wonderful posts on contemporary issues.

The article on migratory birds is really thought provoking. With out any navigator they reach destinations thousands of kilometers away accurately .Amazing!

Technology used for good is a sign of development.

Seers and saints propagate virtues and values and India is sacred for that reason.

Canadian Tulip Festival is a feast to the eye.

Mother is always a strength.Tears roll in my eyes even today over the thought of my mother to whom I gave nothing SIR where as she gave everything.

Red Cross works for a noble purpose and amidst tensions too.

My salute to Rabindranath Tagore who is the Noble son of India. Nobel laureate who gave us Priceless Gitanjali.

Athletics are health of the society.

Firefighters are real fighters.

Freedom of press with out any prejudgments or prejudice is healthy for the society.

May day signifies freedom at work place and a valuable treasure begot through years of struggle. Aim should always be higher levels of productivity!

I am late in my response for which I may be excused.

(17) 13/5/17.

Sir your article in Yogakshema (I read) and it’s sequel as the little one’s maiden experience is amusing . My kudos to her.

Has she finally got all her bag and baggage intact?


Ccomment on FATHER’S DAY was yesterday!19/6/16.

Here is my humble tributes on the occasion of FATHER’S DAY to my beloved father who passed away in the year 1987 at his age …

Noble father. Noble Son.

(19) 20/6/16.

Pranams to the Noble Father and the Noble Son .

Cats and dogs is astounding and a fund of information.

Picnic is a welcome retreat from daily routine and relaxes mind and body.

Peace is to be preserved by all for well being of society.

Changing world changes and we have to adopt to the changes.

Love, Serve, Give are noble thoughts.

Abuse of elders is a crime. The value addition they give to the family and society is immense! We feel it more. when we lose them .

The color of blood is always red !

It is going to rain cats and dogs in few minutes in our place Sir!

(20) 12/7/16

Chandrasekhar Reddy’s account of various posts in Noble thoughts is exhaustive, comprehensive,  exclusive and highly educative.It has also the ingredients of personal experiences shared. I suppose you have presented all his daily feed backs in chronological order.Excellent Sir.

First Saturday of July The day of cooperatives -from the time of Lord Krishna All for each and each for all- is interesting. LIC imbibed this principle and is noble in its service to mankind. Millions are protected under the grace of these noble hands .The Light of life is ever-glowing.

Swamy Vivekananda has shown the world what Bharatiyata is. The Noble speech of the Saint at Chicago is still reverberating in the minds of our American brothers and sisters.

You are absolutely right sir that fasting detoxifies mind and body. Ramadan signifies end of the saga and start of if-tar which is a faith assiduously followed. It shows your in-depth knowledge of the subject and grit over various faiths and cultures .

I am delighted to know about The chocolate day and my mouth immediately watered. I am unaware that such a commemorative day exists!

My sweet regards to you !

It is true Life is a paradox Sir.With all our intelligence we cultivate prejudices,turn our friends into foes,foster destruction,

attract towards negatives .The smell of jasmine turns savory!

Fear is of many kinds. Fear is a mirage ,a delusion,a ghost. Fear of unknown and uncertainty is another. Childhood is full of fears. Fear of failure is an obsession catching us in adulthood. Fear not the fear and drive away the fear is your message.

The mirage of fear which grows with age,polluting the mind and brings in a state of delirium if not checked.

The only way to check it is having faith in oneself and in GOD

Driving away fear through constant faith in Almighty is the sure way of keeping our poise and thus getting peace which definitely opens the gates of the Heaven of Fearlessness!

I am thrilled to see you commemorating the Legendary actor Sivaji Ganeshan .I know you stopped seeing films long back. However your appreciation of Sivaji is laudable.

Your treatise on the chariot of universe given in three parts is immense filled with information.Some of the lines have deeper sense and require thorough reading several times

Space is controlled by celestial power and the strings of the chariot are invisible yet powerful!

Kamaraj, the sacred son of Tamilnadu, was key figure in Indian political spectrum.It is really heartening to note that he sacrificed his life for education of children and quality of life of people .
I am equally surprised to note that he remained unmarried all through.

Indeed Nelson Mandela is African Gandhi who struggled and spent all his youthful years in jail for the independence of South Africa. July 18 commemorating him is honoring freedom.

Vyasa pournima is a real tribute to the Guru who is the architect of the order in society.

It is true SIR , being fine or feeling fine is a choice

God protects those who throng round Him, who live a life devoid of sins,who conduct themselves with absolute faith in Him!

International Malala Day ,I read with interest.The little Girl not minding the threat on her life spread the message of Education in the troubled valley and steadfast in her pursuit.Education is upliftment.

Similar is my response to the world population day and the need to invest in Girl child . All your posts are informative and educative

I sincerely thank you for making my earlier feedback to your posts as the Sunday Story. I remain SIR.
Lokamanya Tilak is really lokmanya!

Tale of a blogger Part XI is a feast to the mind. Kudos to you for crossing the landmark The moving wheel of time always,progressive,fatigue less and faultless, preciseness and Priceless moves forward I am amused to know words like punctophobia! Really thrilling .You are a role model for many. Out of the two explained ,the little girl’s feel is really thrilling.I wish you many more years of influence!
I sincerely wish you a very delightful experience when you are going to be honored on September, 16th 2016 by UWA!

I sincerely feel your versatility in your other posts for which I gave you my feel already
Congratulations Sir

Comment on July 28 – World Nature Conservation Day Jul.29th.

Lord, the Almighty, created the world in all its splendor Humans and animals, hills and dales, seas and lakes great …

It is the duty of all to conserve nature and preserve the Pres-tine beauty of nature. It is for our own future and well-being natural resources are guarded and protected.Let us all resolve to live a Green life style.


Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur …

Really Tragic.

Dear Sir. Good morning . Radiant Renuka Recalled left all of us grief stricken and her qualities of reading books,knowledge of Spiritual Gurus, Human touch and Grace with which she conducted herself the dignity she possessed during her life, the way you missed her when you need her most are matters that occupied my mind my dear SIR what more can I say…

Please Get along ……

Really Sindhu brought Silver but Won Gold SIR!

‘ Envius thoughts’of today has a mix of sentiments

First and foremost  The Radiant Renuka madam slipped from this world to another world unknown perhaps painless.Her Grace and wisdom coupled with love and affection towards you was Paramount.

Second is the tribute to Sri AKR who did ,in your words, yeoman service to Literary world including shaping Young Poet.

Sindhu’s silver is India’s Gold!

Pets are Life givers and fill atmosphere with the oxygen.

Equality of women is a natural right and that is required to be respected by Society.

Slavery in any form is to be admonished.

Drama on Freedom I may need sometime to revert back to you SIR
Freedom When where and how

I understand that this is a resolution ,a wish of freedom on the platform of Inspiring India with like minded army of youth resolving to rebuild India on the tenets of freedoms enshrined in Constitution by our Great minds,with an eye on reality that this freedom is misused in many forms and members falling prey for evil designs of present day politicians, making a re-beginning to sprout hopes that this country requires and needs a new propeller and new initiatives to redefine freedom only to rekindle hope of a strong and vibrant India to leap forward under the flag of “Inspiring India” to face the challenges of the Twenty first Century the spirit of which was aptly blessed by the Great Warrior Gandhiji as a distance voice.

We are proud to be a part of LIC.

I join you SIR in wishing our esteemed organisation a long and strong stay in the service of the Nation !A Diamond par excellence indeed!
Sir, Rajiv Jha’s exclusive observations and comments summarized are themselves a fund of information and a treasure of immense value!.

Haiku on Ego reveals our responsibility not to fall prey to ego which surrounds our wisdom with surreptitious intentions!

World coconut Day gave very valuable information with regard to coconut as a health drink, glucose supplier etc apart from its being a preferred offering on Solemn Occasions

Dazzling diamond LIC is certainly the jewel in the crown of Financial Institutions with its Noble Mission” Your welfare My Responsibility”. I wish our Institution Hundreds of years in the Service of the Nation.

A Mother which was your subject matter five days ago lies lifeless on the by-lanes of the garden in your colony and the little kittens look helplessly for its revival ! Unfortunate and unknown are the mysteries of life!

Sports in our life add to our fitness and well being.They are to be encouraged at all levels.Infrastructure is to be developed and Children are to be trained to excel in sports. Lot of Ground is yet to be covered in this regard in our country.

Saint hood to Mother Theresa, the Universal Mother,an epitome of tolerance and selfless service, embodiment of love, adopting India her home ,is an event extremely happier and of a Great Honor to the Noble Soul!

With Greetings.


The world believes in the existence of an Omnipotent It is a right belief and faith that makes us competent And make us …

Dear Sir Hinduism is our way of life . It is rightly said that it is Ganesha who removes all the obstacles in life and receives the Agrspuja as Adhinayaka. He is worshiped by children as the Giver of Knowledge and thus the habit of worshiping him from childhood takes root in the little minds .I still cherish my childhood memories and pray the Lord for peace and well being of the society now!

Thanks for your having been with us for this Sunday story.

Blog author during his Cuddapah days
Blog author during his Cuddapah days


It is indeed a joy to share with my esteemed Viewers that this morning at 00.30 hours on Sunday the 18th September total view score of ENVIUS THOUGHTS CROSSED 59000! Thanks aplenty for all my goods friends seen and seen, heard and unheard from 201 countries.


Kindly click the following link …

to read my
 CHAPTER FORTY NINE of THirukkural”ASSESSING TIME”    “அதிகாரம் 49- காலம் அறிதல்”

in the INDIAN PERIODICAL. Kindly place your scholarly comment below the article itself where a provision has been made so that all the viewers can see the same.

You may also view THE PERSON OF THE WEEK- NV SUBBARAMAN  by clicking the following link. Thanks.






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