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                                                         Edges of the Universe


In this hastening
Flood of time
Speed of time
Planets and stars
Elements celestial
Their power and energy
Born of the
Excessive impulse
Of the Universe,
Move bound and unbound
Move controlled and uncontrolled!
Elements all and energy
Spin, revolve, and rotate
Each takes its own time
Sans vain or rancor!
It takes time as per its
Needs and standards
Blinking their eyes in joy!
Universe moves
Exploding, expounding
Imploding, inspiring
Creating space and time
Goes on a procession!
Pierces through the atmosphere
Dashes, clashes, crush,
Just as the waves hit against the rock,
Returns thin and lean,
Contracts into an atom.
Looking blank and nothing!
Melts into nothingness!
Thins into the vacuum!
That will be the end of
The God of Time!
That indeed is the Truth,
Truth of Truths!


What to do till then?
What can be done?
In the TIME domain of the Earth
We shall bind and be bound,
Travel with the TIME,
In the ship of the TIME
We shall rest and relax!
In the almanac developed
By the lay Indian
We shall calculate
Time of ‘Raghu’ and ‘Kethu’
And their rounds and turns,
Our ups and downs,
And its effects and impacts!
Keeping that apart,
Look at the fact
Our ancestors, seniors
Almanac developers
The lay Indian of yore
Specialists, viswanaths, naagars
And those trend setters
Precursors, leading lights
Made out the Universal Time
For today’s astronomers,
To search and research
To make an attempt to explain
Science- scientific Universe!
We have to take
They were the firsts
First to define the
Impacts of the Earth
In the Universe that is rotating
Its purpose and goal
Its importance and significance!
Let us, therefore,
Focus on that layman’s’ view
Of the earth- deemed God
God turned earth,
Put in the enquiry stand!
We shall find out where
The Mother Earth in the cosmos
Is and seek the gravitational point!


World! Yes;
the world made of metals!
What to say and
How to admire
The illiterate Tamil
The Science-ignorant Tamil
The ancestral Tamil
Who named the World as world
In his wisdom and knowledge
Native wisdom and knowledge!
There can be minerals and minerals
Metals and metals, gases and gases
Other than what we know-
Iron, gold, aluminums,
Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen
All made of small particles and elements
In the earth, of the earth!
Yes; that is the Universe!
Common for all
Laws –Written or unwritten
Rules- written or unwritten
Only sixteen- basic elements
In this Universe! Yes; that is
The finding of the scientists
After search and research
Of the whole universe!
Hail those innocent laymen
Of the days of yore!
That philosopher,
That Scientist declared
“Let us be blessed with those sixteen
And live our life- life of
Plenty and prosperity!

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                                           UNIVERSE -Space and Time.

*Originally written by my good friend Poet. Narana. Manivannan and translated by me into English.

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