Tomorrow -Sept 25 Social Justice Day


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God Almighty has created all men and women equal on birth
Alas!They and the society never keep so all the way till death!
Differences of all hues and colors are brought in the peoples’ life
Sex,Caste, creed , wealth, knowledge, education everything in their file!

Oppressed and depressed on all grounds superficial unfortunate
Making necessary to have “SOCIAL JUSTICE DAY” deliberate!
Come September- go September- last Sunday is Social Justice day
To render proper social justice to the class depressed all the way!

Theme of the year ” A Just Transition – environmentally
sustainable economies and societies “- noble practically!
Let the whole world stand by and serve to realize this objective great
To herald a new era for the God created community!


Image result for world day of social justice 2016 theme


On the 578th day in its 613th post  today, Saturday the 24th September at 13.00 hrs.with the days view of 83, ” ENVIUS THOUGHTS” in reaches over all view score of SIXTY THOUSAND (60000). I wholeheartedly thank you all for your support. Kindly continue your valuable support and encouragement.

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