Strange and inscrutable are the ways of TECHNOLOGY! With not much of ‘GREAT EXPECTATIONS’ I launched my blog ‘ENVIUS THOUGHTS’ on 28th February 2015. Today it is 579 th day of the Blog and carries 614th post.
Technology unites the people known and unknown, young and old, near and far!
We have been publishing in the SUNDAT STORY of Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com various comments and feedback received from ous viewers every now and then. In that way we have so far published
Viewers View of ENVIUS THOUGHTS. Part XI 0n 12/6/16.
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Here is a former JOURNALIST who came across ENVIUS THOUGHTS and started expressing his views through Feed back form regularly besides his comments in the Face Book. While in service he was in Delhi as UNI correspondent and now I believe he is settled in Hyderabad. His name is Muthu Aiyer. I have great pleasure in sharing with my esteemed viewers in this SUNDAY STORY-A JOURNALIST’S VIEW OF ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part II which I am sure you will find quite interesting and informative. I enjoy the feedback and get inspired. Part I was published on 21/5/16.
He was emerging as a young dynamic leader with a hope for India to be modernized with electronic utilities. Alas! Destiny….. Yes, destiny of India or the destiny of Rajiv Gandhi did not allow it to happen till Modiji became now our country’s PM. Rajiv Gandhi had a very good super vision for the future of India. It is the irony of our country that many good leaders get killed by terrorists untimely and most of the corruptible leaders live their full life! NVS Sir brought out this post because he is worth remembrance personality.
Comment: May 24 – Commonwealth Day.

Only Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), are main events popular among 53 Commonwealth countries these days. As a citizen of one among 53 Commonwealth countries let us celebrate this day with your wish to Commonwealth countries for all wealth and success! Commonwealth countrymen all must praise you for this promptitude Post! Thanks.
Missing children: What are they missing? They are missing their respective family, Love, Fortune etc.
Missing children: How are they missing? A girl having illicit relation with someone and give birth to a child. Most of such children are bound to miss his/her mother. Terrorism wants more and more manpower. Children are missing for this reason. Poverty, lack of parents love etc make children missing. Britishers ruled our country for centuries together. They wanted slaves. Children were missing. In those days while feeding an innocent child used to say, take/finish it quickly otherwise the child catcher will take you away. (சீக்கிரம் சாப்பிடு, இல்லையென்றால் பிள்ளைப் பிடிக்கிறவன் வந்து உன்னைப் பிடித்துக்கொண்டு போய்விடுவான்). This menace continues since a long without checks. In our present generation we can understand this only by the word “kidnapped”. Missing by kidnapping! It is a great thoughtful post made today by our great author NVSR sir. We cannot celebrate this day but we could observe and feel pity for the day and missing children. That’s all!
As is well known to all in India sale of the cigarettes and liquor is the source which is fetching high income to the government by way of levying high rate of Excise Duty, Taxes etc. At the same time both are the worst evils for the society. What a dilemma ! It is quite visible from the way the State of Tamil Nadu being hesitant in closing Tasmac outlets promoted by the State government for selling liquor. The smokers and drunkards have also associated this with god to justify this bad habit saying frontier Gods in South India, like Veeran, Katteri, Pidari, Karuppan, etc are the Cigar/Cheroot smoking gods. Unless the smokers and drinkers understand the evil effects of these habits it is very difficult to control this menace. There is a mythological joke that when Mahesshwara was assigning duties for Brahma as creator, for Vishnu as protector and thus when it came to Dharmaraj Yama he was assigned with duty of taking away of the lives on completion of life on the Earth. But Yama was not satisfied and appealed for re-allocation of his duty. Because people on earth will have no regards for the job he would be doing. Lord Maheshwara realized and said to Dharmaraj although you will be taking away their lives, they will die of their own habits and actions.
Before India’s Independence everybody thought alike and everyone’s determination was to free India from the British Rule. But once we got Independence everybody started thinking differently. The United India before Independence has been made into pieces after Independence because everybody got freedom to express their thoughts and wanted to do anything as they liked. In Independent India first of all Mohan Karamchand Gandhi wanted to encourage cottage industries and thus everything must be made in India by the people, for the people of our own country. But Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru wanted every operation must be mechanized and preferred industrialization all over. Mohan Karamchand Gandhi wanted Make in India which is now taking place in mass scale. Our India’s policy is Live comfortably and let live others also so. India’s stronghold is UNITY IN DIVERSITY. Of course we cannot remain without praising Panchasheel policy, Five Year plans etc.27/5/16.
Everyone, every thing on this earth is fearing. They are struggling for their survival. If a snake has to survive a frog has to die. If an eagle has to survive a snake has to die. If a lion or tiger has to survive a deer, an ox, or any other weak animal has to die. If a man has to survive some plants, goats, cocks, chicks have to die. Human beings are living in fear for unexpected fury of nature. In spite of all these odds the nature never fails to show its beauty. Birds never stop their singing and chirping. They also maintain their good habits of living together in peace. They live within the comforts provided by the nature. The greedy men want comfort at any cost and he does not even mind to destroy the nature. But at the end neither he gets any peace at any level nor can he able to enjoy the nature because he has already destroyed it seeking peace from it. Thus I can end this write up with your own words: “Alas! man in his greed and needs
Takes to his cruel acts and deeds!
Oh! God grant good sense to the world
To live clean and save people bold!”
I enjoyed this post very much.
I am not fit for writing on this subject because I have a pan chewing habit with tobacco. It is very easy to cultivate a habit but after sometime it becomes very difficult to quit it. On the contrary we justify it by saying it is stimulating to show my talent more. What a funny world? A teacher taking class and preaching “smoking is a bad habit”. But once he comes out of that class he goes for a puff! Alas! By quoting this I do not say I am right but it is just for soothing my mind for having this habit. Once a human being takes birth on this earth it is bound to die one day. How they are dying? is a million dollar question. At this present modern society one does not have any bad habit but by inhaling smoke coming from other smokers itself is causing cancer and other such life ending diseases. In any case BAD IS A BAD and it cannot be made good by justifying with any argument. Thanks for bringing out this subject through your blog cautioning many like me.
Comment: GLOBAL DAY OF PARENTS ! / International Children’s Day!
We have Fathers Day and we have Mothers Day to celebrate their contributions in nurturing their children. June 1 is the GLOBAL DAY OF PARENTS to recognize both of their contributions in shaping up this society. Yes, in shaping up this society! How? If a child has been nurtured with all valuable virtues we don’t have to see this apathy in this society. I want to quote a line from a song of a Tamil movie:எந்தக் குழந்தையும் நல்லக் குழந்தைதான் மண்ணில் பிறக்கயிலே, அவர் நல்லவராவதும், தீயவராவதும் அன்னை வளர்ப்பதிலே. Every child born on this earth is good one but whether it becomes a virtuous one or a thug depends upon the way the child’s mother brings it up. Parents are playing a vital role in shaping up this society in a good manner. Let us all celebrate this day today and take a vow our forthcoming generations after generation will value our ancient culture, old habits, our traditional food culture, dress culture etc. and will live in more peace. A good topic most needed for the present situation. Thanks NVSR sir.
5/6 /16.
Environment protection must be treated as much as we protect our body. If a man is down with an ailment it is going to affect he or she alone. But, if environmental condition is down with pollution it affects everybody and everything on this earth. If wealth is gone we can earn it back and if health is gone means everything is gone. Our health is closely associated with our healthy environmental condition and the healthy environmental condition is also very closely associated with us as well. The more human being wants comfort the more it affects healthy environmental condition causing pollution in one way or the other. Since a man wants to live with more comfort he becomes greedy, going even to the extent of devastating forest. This WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY is not for our celebrations but is a warning to be cautious about deteriorating environmental condition.
Love and peace is inter-connected. If people start loving each other, the peace is bound to be there. If and then they live in peace Love is bound to be there. Love brings in peace and peace can never drive away love! Let us love our fellow citizens, let the people all over the world share their love with each other, let us love the nature, let us love all creatures on this universe, Politicians must love his elected people, Love the god because Love is god, Love your country, Love your own wife and children as well your life and thus let us bring in peace all over. Good topic and most needed one for this modern society and hence I love this poem very much.
Sometime ago I used to feel Heaven in Earth. I do not know why it makes me to feel now as HELL IN HEAVEN. Every creation of God and/or nature is beautiful provided I realize it and feel it. Even a rose in garden and a lotus in a pond is beauty. When we go to South India Kerala is heaven; when we go to north India Assam, North East places including Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are heaven on this earth. We attached tree, water, fish, pig, lion, goat etc. to god thinking that we will worship all this. Among all other creatures on this earth human being was made by god with sixth sense thinking that he would be the protector of all his creations. Now he is the one posing danger for these creations. What a pity. A creature, human being, made to enjoy the nature has now become the main villain for the same nature. Now the God Himself is fearing that his own creature itself has turned out to be the destroyer for all his creation on this earth, including the human beings themselves. Alas! NVS sir, your selection of photos of nature alone is enchantment to our views. God alone can save this Earth. I can only conclude this with your own words:Older people lamenting loss of values
Younger ones losing faith in moral values
Middle ones mooring neither here nor there
Ship of the Nation inching without care!
Comment: WORLD OCEAN DAY is today! (8/6)
At the outset people must impose faith in god especially in this modern age it is absolutely essential. Because this can reduce increasing pollution rate in one way or the other. A couple of centuries ago people used to have full faith in their respective god and hence they connected all their activities and nature to the god. In this way they also respected five elements viz. water,earth, fire, air and sky/space (in Tamil we call them neer, nilam, neruppu, kaatru and akaayam respectively). In this way they treated oceans and earth as goddess, fire as agni devta, air as vayu bhagwan and sky connected with varuna devata. As they respected these elements they feared polluting water, air etc. Oceans are not only making fishes,wales etc to survive but also it is used by people for water traffic. Therefore treating the nature as god must be revived by any means so that we can live healthy and in peace. On this WORLD OCEAN DAY today let us take an oath that we will treat the nature as god and will never disrespect them in our own interest!
There is a Law of Diminishing factor. Take the case of children. After about six months of birth the toys are the main attraction for it. Then the child with the growth of age loses the interest in toys and switch over it’s interest to some other thing. Similarly, once upon a time Radio was considered to be luxury. Now the same radio has become so cheap that many are not even interested to listen to it and they consider the television is an essential now. So, virtuous thoughts, talks, behavior, acts etc. were, once upon a time, birth quality of human being. When he started finding comfort with the scientific inventions and started earning more for achieving those comforts, he developed desire to have only cream layer in all his action and he did not want to put in more efforts to achieve it. With the result he set aside all the good qualities in him and started pretending to be in many form according to the situation to avail the cream layer in each and everything. Even now, everybody has virtues inside themselves, but does not want to expose it for the sake of not losing his or her image in the society. Caste-less society
Creed less humanity
Flawless art
Weedless crops
Fearless mind
Tear-less labor
Painless birth
Selfless service
Endless voyage
Featherless flights
Harsh-less words
Strife-less society
War-less world
Hate-less humans
Worriless life
Wordless action…..all this have remained dreams at this modern society! We deserve whatever happening to us at this stage!
The Hell or Heaven, its all personification. If I have to simplify those two, it is like this: If you are leading your life on a virtuous path and in peace it is Heaven. If you remain all the time in worries hurting others, exploiting others or greedy it is the Hell for you. The Hell or Heaven is not anywhere else. Its all on this earth itself. The author Mr NVS quotes: To me Hell or Heaven is here and now. If one’s life is natural and peaceful he dies a peaceful death. If one’s life is full of greedy, for hurting others or exploiting people he will die of long ailment, heart attack, road accident, drowning etc. That is Hell. The author has very clearly explains in the poem like this:Hell, one says, is nothing but torture and agony
Heaven, other admits, is full of joy and nectar. I have nothing more to say on this. The author NVS is great!
Comment: VIEWERS’ VIEW IN YOUR VIEW ON YOUR POSTS is a good collection reflecting your gratitude that quality rests in a very few people. You sow good and reap good. May the god give you a long life with good health to serve this society continuously.
If anything or anybody is born it is bound to be perished. It is for death. But nothing is afraid of death. It is our mindset. Although we are aware of death and death has to come one day to me I am not bothered about it and on the other hand I wish to live with more and more comfort and wealth. I try only for that and not to protect me from the death. If society needs me to drink, I drink. If society needs me to smoke, I smoke. I am not bothered about my death. Because my mind is set that the death has to come to me one day. I do not even know when it will come. Yet, till then I want to enjoy the life.
The entire world is engulfed in fear
The entire society is in the grip of fear!
What a sad paradox!
What a strange paradox!
I gather strength and I face the challenges come in my way of life setting aside all the fear i have. My life journey continues towards death but joyfully, comfortably, setting aside all my fears pretending as if I am strong enough. The author himself says “What should be feared is to be feared
Of course should be boldly faced!” Let us continue this foolish life! What? Am I a fool? No, no, only the death is going to fool you one day.
Blood in our body teaches us a great philosophy. That is, “THE MORE YOU DONATE, THE MORE IT GROWS”. This is applicable not only for blood but also the wealth we possess. This day can be cherished by only those who donate blood. You donate blood at one place and it gives life to other at some other place. I pour water here (water with sesame) and it reaches the souls of our forefathers. Let us donate blood and let others live. Author gives so many advises to us by putting out this post. Great!

I comment on this subject because I am selfish. I am in this stage and I wish this message reaches one and all. You might have heard a story. It goes like this: There was an upper middle class family living in a city. A couple with a son and daughter. From the village the head of that family brought his parents to live with them. For some years the senior most couple of the family looked after the grand children and both son and daughter-in-law went to their respective offices peacefully. HO the family’s parents became weak with all old age illness as well his children also grew well matured. At this stage he had to keep his parents in a separate room and used to give meals in a bowl which was exclusively bought for them. The boy used to notice this practice very carefully. When HO family’s parents died he was going to throw the bowl which he used to serve food to his parents. Immediately, his son told him, “Dad don’t throw that bowl. I will keep it safely with me because I would have to use is for you both”. Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar who has seen his past, present and the future period what would be has written a couplet which suits very well to this is: “பிறர்க்கு இன்னா முற்பகல் செய்யின் தமக்கின்னா தானே வரும்” means if you ill treat or cause trouble/hardship to others now it is bound to hit you back later. I conclude this reiterating the same lines very well written by the author that “On this day important let us take a pledge-pledge not to

Abuse the seniors but in fact to protect them well

Show all our love and affection when health fails and fall ill

The least that one can do to his parents and mentors full!


Journalist Muthu Aiyer with his grandson “learning Computer? or teaching!”


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