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                                      Our Universe may be a hologram!

That was born about
A thousand five hundred crore
Years ago, generously pours
Power and heat unlimited
Till this day!
A magnificent philanthropist!
Real evolution is
The evolution of the living beings;
Along with the Universe!
Along with the living beings!
That great Universe
Keeping a tab on
Actively growing into
Magnificent Universe
Expanding, revolving
Revolving fast and rotating
Rotating big
Gaining length, breath and height
Active, gigantically active!
Goes fast and strong!
Developed with the power of heat
Passing through the flood of TIME
Moving through the cyclone of TIME
Later Limitless heat began subsiding
Vibrating heat reverberated
Sprout and blossom!

A little patient Universe
A little slow Universe
Began to freeze patiently
Yet Universe became cool
Very cool; cold enough to shower!
Photon Quark
Very light, weightless
Particles were born.
Photon-basic particles for LIGHT
Quarks- smaller than the atom
Less powerful particles.
In the Neutrons-
Quarks twos and threes
Reign; dominate; rule!
After several crores of years
Rolled by
After last breathes of the Universe
Heat – in several crores degrees of
High temperature
Went frozen!
Protons and neutrons
Heavy weighted atoms
Hydrogen and helium
Light weighted gases
After lakhs and lakhs of years
Rolled by and passed of
Heavy weighted gases
Also came into being!

Negative electrical charging Electrons
Positive electric charging protons
Non electric charging neutrons
All fill up the space
Filled up the place
All produced things and objects
Encroached upon things and objects
Became elements
Became each and all
Objects and their opposites
If they join together
They are self destructive!
Is it this fear
That made
Anti electron
Anti proton
Anti neutron
All have gone into various places
In the space – cannot be seen and heard!
And hide themselves- impossible to detect!
Is it the POWER opposite of objects?
As the power is inherent in the object
Is it not the object inherent in power?
Scientists are in eternal search!

Image result for images for our universe

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