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Shri OKR Sivanganam the viewer in the background of a famous temple.

Here is the Part X of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who is at present in US where his daughter is. Whether in India or abroad Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the month of August 2016 in its entirety.

(1) August 1 ·

Congrats for your score of 51000!

(2) August 4 ·

Your July 18th post on:
‘ International Nelson Mandela Day ‘.
Quite happy to learn about Nelson Mandela, who is very well known as South African Mahatma Gandhi!
There’s always an envious and venerable place reserved for those noble personalities the world over standing tall for the just cause of the poor and the downtrodden.
Immense is the power of an individual that is capable of changing the world for the better, and Mandela was one such great man privileged to fight for and serve the society to usher in peace, prosperity, and harmony everywhere!
It’s indeed the need of the day to have more such Gandhis in our midst to sacrifice for the upliftment of the underprivileged mass to the level attained by the so-called privileged section of the people!
May we not fail in our duty to honor this great man on this holy day by paying our due respects for his selfless service to the poor!!!

(3) August 5 ·

Your post dated 23/7/16 on: TILAK’S DAY:-
One of the great and noble souls our nation produced was Lokamanya Tilak, popularly called ‘Lokamanya’ who was in the forefront of our Indian National Movement, and who formed the Home Rule League to spread his well known and famous slogan – “My birthright is Swaraj” to millions of people.
He was also the founder of Deccan Educational Society.
Hailing from the family of Sanskrit family, and a Mathematician by himself, Tilak was a great exponent of Bhagavad Gita and his commentary on Gita- ‘ Geetha Rahasya ‘ remains unique even today!
We cannot but remember such great souls, passage of time notwithstanding!
What better way it could be to pay our homage to such a great man than to follow his path meticulously in our life!!!!

(4) August 6 ·

Tale of a Blogger-Part-11(24/7/16) is nothing but an exclusive treatise on TIME!
Time deserves respect and reverence just as we do with God.
Sometimes, time just flies without our noticing;
And at times, time does seem to remain unmoved and boredom sets in.
Time is a riddle, but then, we can solve the puzzle of time in no time with our shrewdness.
If you are passionate about anything, there arises no need to entertain an excuse that you have no time to spare.
An early-riser finds time for anything and everything and have no grudges to raise!
If you consider time is the be-all and end-all of everything, it very well serves all your needs.
A well laid-out plan knows not loss.
If work is God for us, we’ll revere and perform with excellence.
if we are punctual, the world is at our disposal.
Time is not static and it moves non-stop.
Time is our supreme commander and we need to obey it without questioning.
We know, sans breathing we’re dead, and so with time.
You catch a disease if you ignore health ;
Time too is our health to be well taken care of.
We quite often forget that it’s our own weakness that’s exposed voluntarily when we start to say that we are hard-pressed for time.
Laziness is our sole enemy and so it’s incumbent on us to root it out with grit and determination.
And it’s our myopia that we conclude that time is measured in terms of monetary value.
An in-depth and broad-based inquiry into what’s called TIME can make one conscious of its inherent value.
You always respect time and that makes you deem punctuality a noble virtue in your practical life.
And your consciousness of time lands you in success, whatever be the task you intend to do.
It’s the reverence you attach to time that creates an anxiety to the extent of a sort of phobia in you.
Can I call you a stickler to punctuality?
For, I presume ,that exactly made your grand feat of 550 Posts in 513 days possible!
I am quite happy about the Admirable Achiever Award you are going to get from UWA, Chennai shortly.
That UWA generates fraternization, equalizes flow of knowledge, reduces aggression, and goes after the pursuit of excellence is a welcome difference it makes.
When others place trust on us, our responsibility becomes all the more important for us to improve further to justify it, and you are already in to it!
Well said that ego is to be eschewed, but being proud of your literary achievements is well within your rights, for it affects none!
Our status in society goes up when we become role model to others and also liked most by others;
And on this score too you qualify yourself in a fitting manner!
Your sharing of knowledge and spreading of ethical principles far extends beyond geographical boundaries , and it amounts to serving the humanity as a whole, thanks to your full-fledged blogging activity!!!!!
And your tale as a blogger is not a story with incidents imaginary, but one of real-life situations aplenty!!!!!!

(5) August 7 ·
About your post on:
Fifty Thousand Views Crossed (25/7/16):-
All creations of Almighty are for the exclusive benefit of the whole of humankind!
And one is surely blessed , to be credited with an opportunity to serve the society in all possible ways!
Our ideas are transferred to the other end with the help of a media in between.
Now blogging is one such powerful media that aids in spreading information in any field.
And through WordPress, you are better able to communicate your valuable thoughts to reach the viewers innumerable anywhere in the globe.
When we get back timely and appropriate response by way of feedback and comments for the ideas transmitted through any media from the viewers, it’s more than awards and rewards we can get for our accomplishments!
That way, 24th July,2016 was a Red-Letter Day for you , for that day you had a total view-score of 50000, and that was also the day when you had posted your 550th blog successfully!
Hats off to you!!!

(6) August 7 ·
A whooping view-score of 52000!

(7) August 8 ·
It’s about your Kargil Victory Day on 26/7/16:
What God proposes is peace and harmony ;
But man, the grand creation of the Almighty, is very much after war and violence.
God brings in life full of life, whereas man is intent on destruction of those very valuable lives.
While God is lovable and compassionate, man revels in arrogance.
We should abhor war altogether, but when provoked by our neighbors, we are forced to fight them back with full vigor to come out victorious.
Justice prevails in the end, but in the course of war, we lose men and materials on a large scale.
The aggressor miserably fails to remember that ultimately they are bound to lose and meet with defeat, while truth invariably comes out successful!
We won the Kargil War in the year 1999 and the Heroes behind the great victory we adore in a fitting manner for the sacrifices they made for the cause of our Motherland!!!

(8) August 8 ·
Your President of the Masses on 27/7/16 is a fine read.
Some are born great, while some others become great by their sheer hard work, coupled with devotion and dedication.
Dr.Abdul Kalam, a Scientist and a Philosopher became the popular President of our nation and adored the position!
He was one who started from the scratch and his sincere and devoted work enabled him to reach sky-high only to steal the hearts of one and all in our country!
The Space Scientist in him never was in the way of his passion for Carnatic Music.
It was a great honor for you that he was one among the many who loved your translation of Keerthanas of Thyagayya in Tamil.
He was very great that his stature didn’t prevent him from visiting the vocalist’s home, and hearing the voice!
And being a staunch follower of Thirukkural, Dr.Kalam paid his respects to the Saint Poet!
On his first death anniversary, it’s only fitting to practice what he preached as a mark of respect to the departed leader, who was one of those great souls to foresee our nation as a developed one in the comity of nations in all aspects!!!

(9) August 8 ·
Your post:
World Nature Conservation Day on 28/7/16 is very much relevant today and needs our immediate attention.
Who can deny that we are the true custodians of all wonderful creations of God?
It’s but our responsibility to protect them in our own interest.
In reality, nature fails to get a fair treatment from us;
We ourselves become a menacing threat to all that God created so meticulously on this earth.
It’s natural resources that come in handy for our overall development.
This necessitates our change in habits towards nature.
We should become environment – friendly and preserve it in tact.
The pressing need of the day is to get back to the life pattern our ancestors were following in those good old days, aligning ourselves with nature in all possible ways, if only to foresee a society that’s necessarily stable and productive.
May the wisdom prevail on us to conserve nature in its original form and resolve to resist from unscrupulous destruction for our selfish ends!!!

(10) August 9 ·
Your post on:
‘ July 29- International Tiger Day ‘, is a call to ensure peace by protecting nature.
God has ordained that whatever living things He has created in this world must learn to co-exist with one another.
The wildlife is no exception!
It may be ‘ Survival of the Fittest ‘, but one’s survival at the cost of other is worthless.
If we forget peace and harmony, the earth will be one of horror and terror, which no one would like to see!
There is no dispute as to the contention that our own place is congenial for us to live.;
In the same vein, the habitat of the wild tiger is favorable to its natural way of life.
On our part, we should never disturb its peace by our unscrupulous encroachments.
Poachers are after the tigers for monetary gain.
They should desist from so doing and allow the tigers to enjoy their life with peace just as we the human beings are always after peace and harmony.
May we protect the environment as natural as it should be and preserve ecology to maintain all round peace!!!

(11) August 9 ·
Your ‘ Universe-Chariot on the Move ‘ – Part 4 posted on 30/7/16:-
The Universe undertakes its journey with speed of various degrees and descriptions.
The Space extends to infinity, with no borders to make its area restricted within specified walls.
It makes the swift movement of life possible.
The penetration of the space into the vacuum makes itself into different spaces.
The earth comes into being with all the life full of flavors attached to it.
The space dances around with merriment and it resembles the postures specific to Bharatha Natya.
By giving energy to the earth, the Universe brings in meaning to everything on this earth.
The journey of the Universe thus continues but the irony is that it doesn’t know its plan at all!
The expansion of the Universe goes on for ever with more vigor.
The Universe travels fast without of course deviating from the rules set by itself, and like a chariot, lands on the earth to its position.
Time is but space pointing to another dimension of the Universe.
It gives further scope for research and more meaning.
With this the Universe becomes one complete entity!!!

(12) August 9 ·
Your post: ‘ Youth of the Age ‘ made on 31/7/16 is really a discourse on the importance and power of YOUTH!
Though born clutch less, we allow clutches to fasten us leading to non-activity or activity harmful to others!
The quality of life is not to be measured by its duration but by the way it’s led for the sake of society of which we are also an indispensable part.
We are not static but wear different garbs to suit the occasion and become completely new and different.
The power of the youth is immense like the powerful waves on the blue sea and if it wills the society can be changed for the better!
It’s Swami Vivekananda who advised the youth to lay the foundation for the future when one is particularly brimming with freshness of energy and vigor ;
Life being short, this is the ideal time for arousal that can help perform impossible tasks perfectly ;
The task is nothing but the sacrifice for the cause of humanity as a whole ;
Whatever one reads, the fact of our being Hindus cannot turn us atheists despite putting in place conscious efforts towards this end;
And life being not long enough to waste time, it’s better to sacrifice our life for this wonderful ideal ;
And with the heart and energy of the youth, we can revolutionize the country for the cause of the downtrodden.
Hence his call to the youth: ” Arise, Awake, and Stop not till the goal is reached “!
And your quote by Stephen Colbert exhorts one not to be a cynic, but to say ‘ Yes ‘ always as it’s capable of leading us to knowledge.
That we can remain youthful mentally despite our increasing age is strong enough to indicate the importance of youth in one’s life.
An optimist like you will definitely feel happy and proud by rewinding the past and bringing the incidents that filled the youth before the mind’s eye!
And your contention that today’s youth are more intelligent, knowledgeable, wise, and dynamic is absolutely true!
And it’s equally true of elders’ worry as to the tragic fall of ethical and moral standards in the generation Y!
It’s all a reflection of the society we are in.
As you said, the remedy is with us:
‘ Be a role model to others ‘.
I suppose you are practicing this in your life!
While we are adept in preaching, we are low performers when it comes to practicing – this trend must change.
One must show his worth by practicing a habit and only then can step into the world of preaching, for it does carry the weight of conviction!
Your call:
To a parent to go for a morning walk to make his son follow ;
To a teacher not to smoke so as to instill the habit in the students ;
To a manager to be punctual to insist on others to be so; and
To ourselves to love all and serve all to make others to follow suit. —– is worth a serious try!!!
And your moral:
” Society needs more and more practitioners and less and less preachers “, is worth a consideration by all concerned!!!!!

(12) August 9 ·
Your Dheeran Chinnamalai’Day(31/7/16) post on 1/8/16 reminds one of patriotism that is a pre-requisite for our country’s development.
We now enjoy the valuable freedom due to the sacrifices of our freedom fighters innumerable that our nation created to relentlessly fight against the British rulers who founded in India their East India Company.
The freedom movement was successfully led by Mahatma Gandhi, our Father of the Nation, and supported by people all around.
And the people of Tamil Nadu can legitimately take pride in Dheeran Chinnamalai who was also a serious fighter enabling Tippu Sultan to win the Seeranga Patna battle!
May we pay our tributes to the Commander from the Kongu region for the show of his valor in the Freedom Movement!

(13) August 9 ·
Your World Breast Feeding Day(1/8/16) post on 2/8/16 dwells on the importance of breast feeding for the country’s development.
Human beings and animal beings are gifts of the God.
The mother -child bond is unique and this gets further improved by breast-feeding.
One among the many goals set forth by the United Nations for sustainable development is breast-feeding.
Today’s children are tomorrow’s future and their health plays an important role in shaping the country’s future development.
The love generated through breast feeding has no parallels.
But beauty conscious women give up this ideal practice forgetting the fact that they feed also love and character along with milk to their children.
May wisdom dawn on the present generation not to give a go-bye to this sane practice, as even animals do not fail to breast-feed their young ones!

(14) August 9 ·
Your post made on 3/8/16 , titled Temple of Service gives a fair account of Sevalaya the serving institution for the poor and elderly.
Heaven on this earth is quite possible if only the poor and the downtrodden are properly taken care of by the visionary people created by the Lord!
We come across many people who are great by virtue of their serving the society in all possible ways.
One such missionary institution of repute is Sevalaya near Chennai that cares for the children and elders left orphaned by choice or by chance.
Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahakavi Bharathiyar were very much instrumental in inspiring Sevalaya to reach the needy with devotion and dedication.
The great people responsible for instilling discipline and culture in the minds of inmates are no doubt role models to them!
Sevalaya can thus be rightly called the Temple of Service!

(15) August 9 ·
Your post on Chinmayananda’s Day(3/8/16) on 4/78/16 is a fine read and effective in spreading his blessings for a happy humankind.
You rightly call our nation a Punya Bhumi, for it’s credited with enlightened saints and seers whose moral teachings are for us to practice in our life.
Swami Chinmayananda was one such spiritual guru who was spreading the message of Bhagavad Gita in a style of his own.
He was very much known for practicing punctuality strictly.
It was his passion that sought to make the mankind a worthy one through his commentaries spelt out on Gita.
We are really fortunate to have our life’s wishes fulfilled by Chinmayananda’s blessings from above!


Your Haiku on Water on 5/8/16:
Water is very much essential for our livelihood.
Plants and animals too need water for survival.
We are craving for pure water that is capable of ensuring good health , for our world will become one great desert in the absence of water.
All greenery will go into extinction if water is not sufficiently available.
The need for water during summer days is more, and failing nature drives us to far off areas to fetch water for our use in homes.
The failing monsoon leaves the lands barren and we go without sufficient food grains to meet our requirements.
It’s nicely told that man without water is a fish out of water!
When we are faced with acute water supply, we look up to the sky to bless us with copious showers.
May water be everywhere and may we not be struggling for the elixir of life that’s water, water, and water!!!!

(17) August 9 ·
Your post:
‘ Come Sixth August Olympics ‘, on 6/8/16:
Whatever splendors we witness happily on this earth is the grand handiwork and gift of God.
Sports and games are true entertainment across the globe.
The opportunities that offer pleasure to the minds of sports lovers are many.
Brazil is the scene of 2016 Olympiad,where 11000 athletes from 206 nations are participating.
A mega event indeed it’s that comes with the characteristic spirit of Olympics!
The competence of players comes to the fore with everyone vying with one another to win the medals.
And the spectators the world over anxiously await the winners to claim the Gold/Silver/Bronze medals according to their level of performance.
Those who lose in the programmes are never losers, for they have the distinction of participating in the prestigious Olympic games!
May the RIO 2016 be a treat to the tastes of sports lovers!!!

(18) August 10th
Your post on World Friendship Day(7th August)
on 8/8/16::
True friendship is about love and divinity.
It traverses beyond religion, caste, or color.
God created us to live in harmony with joy and peace.
Keeping its importance in focus, we celebrate World Friendship Day on the 1st Sunday of August every year.
Of late, the special day has gained importance with celebrations to mark the occasion.
If the spirit attached to friendship is maintained meticulously, it’ll grow and grow to see a tomorrow characterized by peace and harmony.
Friendship is a relationship that is built unconditionally ;
No expectation in return for a favor is the essential attribute for friendship to grow further and further.
Of late, man has become greedy and jealous of others’ well being to the extent of harboring shameful feelings and emotions that expose our culture-less attitude!
Knowing fully well that an atmosphere of hatred and jealousy is not conducive for the society to grow with a positive note, we deliberately make ourselves engrossed in unhealthy practices that talk ill of our attitude towards life.
May the friendship be eternal, based on sound principles without giving room for trivial issues to change its direction!!!

(19) August 10 ·
Your post on :
‘ Anti-Nuclear day/ Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Day ‘ today.
We ate created to exist in a peaceful atmosphere.
But in our greed for position and power we have removed the cap on our needs, and we are even prepared to destroy others and their interests to satisfy our personal needs!
There are people who justify their wrong approaches and go on with their destruction mode.
In History, we have had the terrible holocaust in an atomic bomb having been dropped in Hiroshima and then Nagasaki, terminating the valuable lives of around 2 lakh people at the close of the Second World War in the year 1945.
Fortunately, this resulted in a call for a war-free and nuclear -free world!
And heeding to this call may make us remain happy and peaceful, the way the God exactly anticipated us to be!!!


Your Sunday Story on Sevalaya,
the Temple of Service on 7/8/16 is nice for its contents and description.
Providing education is the best of all services, for it’s unique and capable of transforming the society for the better.
In the present scenario, the sector of education that’s in the hands of private individuals suffers from over-commercialization, devoid of ‘service’ element.
This trend is quite opposite to what Mahakavi Bharathiyar anticipated :
To him providing education is more important than creating hotels for the poor or constructing temples for the people to offer their prayers!
This exactly is reflected in the Sevalaya the service institution rendering the service of education to the poor.
That Sevalaya has its own library catering to the needs of inmates as also for others is another feather in its cap!
That Sevalaya aims for international standard in the education offered is laudable!
Discipline takes precedence to everything else there.
Equal treatment to all is their mantra.
Creating a happy and a fulfilled society is their main concern.
They provide health service by having their own Primary Health Center.
Elder citizens with no one to look after them find solace in Sevalaya.
That Sevalaya is considerate to animals too is quite evident by their maintaining a Goshala for the dry and aged cows.
That Sevalaya is environment-friendly is obvious by their growing trees and vegetable plants, thereby aiding in the Green Revolution!
Kudos to Mr.Muralidharan, the Chief of Sevalaya and Mr.T S Venkataraman, the Honarary Co-ordinator for steering the Institution to the purposeful goal!!!!
And you’ve rightly and meaningfully ended the post with an appeal to the well wishers to donate to the Institution according to their capability!!!

(21) August 11 ·
World Senior Citizen Day( August 8th) post from you on 10/8/16 is a reminder to the society not to take the senior citizens for a ride by ignoring them!
Older age is generally a menace in that people have to face inconveniences specific to the age.
Apart from infirmity, they are left in the lurch by those very people who have to look after their daily needs.
They are left abandoned by their relatives, giving one excuse or the other.
With none to turn to, they seek refuge in old-age homes to live their remaining days at least with food and shelter basically needed by them.
Those who fail to take care of their elder family members often fail to remember that one day in future they too are going to become grey and stand to wait for assistance!
And no one is going to live eternally but exit from this world one day or the other!
Taking the entire issue in its perspective, the society and its members should respect the senior citizens and offer them the due place!
Those sons and daughters who really take care of their aged parents in the twilight of their years deserve appreciation for remembering how each and everyone of their needs and wants were meticulously met with by their parents!!!

(22) August 12 ·
Your post: ‘ England’s Taplow Court ‘, today:
———————————————————————Man, created by God is himself a great creator too!
The seat of Buddhist Society, that’s Taplow Court in England is one such marvel to the credit of mankind!
What’s special about the Society is its goal of peaceful and harmonious world!
It seeks to to achieve this through educational and cultural activities .
The philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin, the Japanese Sage is that an individual with his positive approach and creative potential is capable of transforming the society as also the environment by practicing Buddhism.
The court is also the seat of a Library with around ten thousand books catering to the needs of students.
It’s also a place where conferences of Educational and Charitable Organizations are periodically conducted.
The sprawling eighty-five acres of ground in the Court premises is open for public on certain days of the year for entertainment.
The goal remains unchanged, and it’s :
Peaceful and Harmonious World!!!!

(23) August 12 ·
Your topic today on International Youth Day is very well in the nature of appealing to all concerned to harness the potential in youth for the betterment of society and the world!
Youngsters today are very much intelligent and shrewd to appreciate the importance of time in this fast-paced world in order that they are second to none in performing the task then and there, for time lost is lost for ever!
This is the right time for them to be the role models in inculcating right values and virtues to children younger to them.
You’ve rightly put the ‘ Youth Stage ‘ in its perspective and appealed to the elders to take nursing and nurturing of youth a pious thing for ‘making ‘ the society and not ‘ destroying ‘ it!
The fact of the presence of two billion youth in our midst today points to the great force we are endowed with to make any achievement possible and reach newer heights in each and every development across the globe!
It’s true that youth power is a great wealth and it’s pertinent to recall Swami Vivekananda’s call to the youth to make our nation a heaven on this earth!
It’s very much possible for the magnetic youth to accomplish it, given the will and determination that is an inseparable part of the present generation!
May the YOUTH swear on this auspicious day to make India stand tall among the nations, and justify the trust showered on them!!!!

(24) August 12 ·
A CREDITABLE 53000 view-scores!
Congratulations to you.

(25) August 13 ·
A nice post on International Lefthanders’ Day!
Left handers are a breed of their own, of course created by the Lord Himself.
They are said to be different – in intelligence and creativity – from the rest of the creation.
They make a mark in whatever they do, it’s told.
The great personalities with left-hand domination are truly role models for the other lefties!
The power of thinking with this special type of people never goes wrong, it’s opined.
A day dedicated to the left handers is for sure a motivation to them to excel the way the intellectuals in our midst as also those who are physically no more with us did!

(26)August 15 ·
A beautiful Sunday Story on the eve of Independence Day!
The Play ‘ Freedom, What,Where,and How ‘ as this week’s Sunday Special is but a beautiful idea to work on with to extricate ourselves from the fallen ways, we have allowed ourselves after of course we have shown a tremendous progress in the growth of our nation subsequent to the political freedom we have won through the sacrifices of Gandhiji and other leaders of repute at the midnight of August 15, 1947 from the yoke of the British Empire!
The characters introduced in the Play show their awareness on the history of Indian Freedom Struggle and lament at deteriorating standards obtaining in our present personal and public life as well.
Of late the culture and civilization along with values and virtues that’s our memorable past, are dealt a raw deal particularly by the political class.
As a result patriotic and nationalistic minded people hang their heads low as they deem it a shame meted out to them personally.
To substantiate what’s happening now, the Poem of Subramaniya Bharathiyar is sought to be heard from above and it looks back nostalgically all that positively contributed to the birth of Bharath and also laments profusely for the ills that soiled the fabric of our Pride beyond recognition.
It’s tragic that politicians drag the students too into their fold and make them the tools in the execution of their evil designs to quench their personal thirst for position and power.
Rather an awareness among the students on the importance of love and service to society must be created to deal with the pseudo patriots and nationalists in a befitting manner!
Again,the Play is more on the lines of a freedom struggle to be fought, but with a difference!
Now it’s against the clutches of our own selfish and arrogant leaders to make them conscious of our traditional and noble values in our making!
It’s to bring back transparency and honesty in public life.
It’s to root out the selfish and non-deserving elements from the scene to guard against large scale exploitation let loose on the common man!
It was Gandhiji’s peaceful approach that could fetch freedom from England then.
Now it’s the firm conviction on the part of the common man in word and deed that only can transform the current situation for the better.
Honesty must be the key word in our approach to face the challenges, and a collective action by like-minded activists alone can bring back the glorious society of which we were a part!
Happy Independence Day to all!!!

(27) August 15 ·
Thank you very much for your post on
Indian Independence Day today.
Feeling proud about our Freedom fought and won through peaceful methods by Mahatma Gandhi and other patriotic leaders on the midnight of August 15, 1947!
It’s but our genuine pride to witness and enjoy our growth in all spheres that made other nations wonder at!
Glorious indeed was our society that knew not anything but noble and virtuous qualities standing testimony to our way of life and living!
The grand edifice of democracy we have very carefully built and nurtured speaks volumes on the much envied and coveted place we occupy amidst other democracies of the world!
May the customary annual celebration of our Independence Day remind us of the untold sacrifices and miseries behind the great event in the history of our nation, and exhort us to contribute our best by continuing our honest and humanistic approach to ensure a happy,peaceful, and prosperous society, thereby justifying our freedom won against all odds!
Happy Independence Day greetings to all!!!

(28) August 17 ·
Your post on:
Bangladesh National Mourning Day (15/8/16 ):
While co-existence within a family, within a State, and within a country has its own negative points, of course along with positive ones, the idea of co-existence with even the neighboring countries contains a lot of minuses than pluses.
While everyone likes to be embraced by freedom breeze , nobody relishes the yoke of a foreign nation to control their destiny !
It was legitimate indeed that Bangladesh entertained partition to have their own nation for fulfilling their well being and prosperity, notwithstanding their good relationship with United India!
But then, it was cruel that the lives of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members were exterminated by the dissatisfied military leaders!
And to pay the respects and homage for their sacrifices on this day of mourning is just and right!!!

(29) August 18 ·
A fast-moving view-scores!
54000 now!!

(30)August 18 ·
Raksha Bandhan Day ( 18/8/16 )- a nice post today from you!
The main thrust of the day is BROTHERHOOD, and glories this relationship in toto.
The day signifies cementing further the ties that exist between brothers and sisters, own and deemed.
The Rakhi, a knot though, is flexible and yet strong enough, to go through the thick and thin of our life .
It’s a culture that we follow from time immemorial as dictated by Hinduism, the one, like all other religions of the world, preaches life values essential for smooth gliding through everyday living that’s an accurate manifestation of many ups and downs!
Festive occasions are for sure bringing people together separated by time and distance to renew the relationship and keep it live!
May we bring back unity on this day and enjoy its fragrance through shower of love and affection on one and all!
My congrats to you!!!
(31) August 21 ·
Radiant Renuka Recalled – a melancholic song in praise of your better half who reached the heavenly abode this day (20/8 ) two years ago!
She must have been your Florence Nightingale taking sufficient care of everyone in your family with love and affection in plenty!
The God must be sadistically cruel since He chose to deal a heavy blow with protracted physical pain and torture preceding the snatching away of a valuable life!
God’s ways seem to be enigmatic, and obscures human understanding and interpretation, throwing surprises- to our happiness and to our dismay as well!
God’s ways are unique in that we are allowed to be in mirth and in misery too!
Uncertainty may be His ‘forte’ but it’s our anxiety at its play leaving us at a loss to know how our next encounter is going to be like- for the better or for the worse!
Creation and destruction are God’s discretion.
Proposal and its Disposal follows a set agenda – no deviation whatever from the determination He made at the inception.
No leniency or consideration to the contrary!
A steadfast Performer par excellence!
No amount of consoling or convincing words from deep within one’s heart can make up for the loss to the concerned!
Though the full-fledged blogging you took to as a convenient refuge may not and need not erase the incident out of your mind, it can at least render the impact of loss to the minimum!
May God be with you to overcome the pain and engage you otherwise as you are wont to since Feb, 2015!!!

(32) August 21 ·
On your post:
‘ Universe- Chariot on the Move ‘-part 5 on 17/8/16:-
A fervent call to the scientists to hit a Nobel Prize by finding ways and means of transforming the toxic gases that come out of refrigerators and air-conditioners- the modern and inseparable implements that mankind embraces for his comforts- into useful ones in our daily life!
Forests are a boon to us from the God that we need to guard them and enlarge their area as a sure remedy to global warming, a serious phenomenon confronting the world with erratic climate conditions resulting in abnormal temperatures affecting both life and agriculture to a great extent.
Needless to say, this initiative helps future generations too!
Accept the Universe for what it’s, and revere it so that whatever unfavorable changes that characterize the Universe then and there, may not create fear in us!!!!

(33) August 22 ·
On World Humanitarian Day post by you on 19/8/2016:
Living happily and harmoniously with our near and dear ones is one sure way of reciprocating the God’s gesture in creating us great and noble.
But a life dedicated for the cause of others is the privileged child of the God, though He never intends any sort of inequality as between individuals.
Such wonderful lives that know not anything but sacrifices, coming to the front to meet the challenges concerning the society, find their unique place in the midst of those ordinary citizens who are just content with their own well being, of course not at the cost of others!
It’s apt that the United Nations Organization honors Sergio Vieire de Mello, the Brazilian – born UN Diplomat for his service to humanity by declaring this day of his death anniversary as World Humanitarian Day!
May we drain out to the last drop of the blood that runs in our body and transfuse fresh blood with humanism to miraculously escape the failing unhealthy condition that is in the process of destroying the society!!!

(34) August 22 ·
My heart felt condolences to the family of late AKR, a scholar and your friend!
May God be with his family members and give strength to bear with the loss!!!
hared your post.

(35) August 23 ·
Part 2 of your post titled ‘ Freedom – Where, When, and How ‘ on 21/8/16 seeks to create awareness on the need to cleanse politics, government, and society, and raise the nation as envisioned by our founding fathers of our Constitution after we became a Republic on 26th January, 1950.
Freedom fought on sacrifices and won is sought to be misused by all concerned.
It needs a reappraisal to take it back on the right track.
We have adopted a democratic form of government guaranteeing fundamental rights with restrictions and duties to make our society peaceful and harmonious.
Our freedom should not interfere with that of others.
It’s not meant a license to act in whatever manner we like thereby resorting to illegal and immoral activities posing a danger to the government.
The very patriotism based on which our leaders fought for our freedom is now given new interpretations by political parties including the ruling dispensation to suit their personal ideologies to the detriment of the nation’s interests.
It therefore becomes necessary to reform the political faces by like-minded non-political people across the country.
And it’s where the play in question comes into the picture with a road map that suggests a kind of another Freedom Movement to be fought to attain the goal of ‘ political overhaul ‘.
The idea mooted is that today’s youth and students who are going to be the social fabric of future should take it as a challenge to mobilise people from all segments of people and create an awareness among them as to the necessity of making the rulers play their role with conscience and restore the glory of the society.
The students are necessarily to know what’s happening in the country with particular reference to the society, of course without deviating from their studies.
In the process they should see to it that they are not lured into becoming pawns of political brokers who are out to fulfill their personal and narrow ends to the exclusion of common good to the people.
Of late the government is intolerant of even genuine opinions expressed by the people and even prepared to lodge sedition charges against them, thereby denying their legitimate freedom of speech in accordance with constitutional provisions.
Hence the demand from some intellectuals for removal of the ‘ sedition clause ‘ from the Constitution.
People should exercise their franchise without fail and cautiously elect their representatives purely on merit and make them fulfill their poll promises in letter and spirit.
The present Movement as envisaged in the play is rightly for a society free from poverty, inequality, illiteracy, unemployment, and intolerance!!!!

(36) August 23 ·
Gold Awaits You on 21/8/16 , a booster from you for Indian participants in the 2020 Olympics!
Some reach the pinnacle of success by their sheer hard work and sincerity .
For some achievements are a distant dream notwithstanding efforts.
Still some fail to get an opportunity to prove their mettle.
A determined mind with a physical condition fit accompanied with necessary support and assistance can help the participants reach new heights, setting new records in the sports arena.
May the authorities in charge exercise proper care in right selection and training, and create the needed infrastructure for the enthusiastic players to come out with Gold Medals galore in the next Olympics in 2020 at Tokyo!
May the Olympics Spirit start right now to see the real performance of our Boys and Girls in the events!

(37) August 23 ·
Your post ‘ International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition ‘ deals at length the concept of slavery and its ill effects on society!
There’s no dearth of minds bossing over others.
Peace and joy are what everyone is after.
We are not expected to grab them from others just to satisfy ourselves.
A sense of greed in us always bubbles with enthusiasm to deny others their legitimate share.
Other people’s misery is our pastime and pleasure to the rich and the arrogant!
The affluent landlords, by virtue of their status and position in society make their workers toil throughout their lifetime, treating them the way slaves are tortured.
But for the good -natured people and their protest and fight, the trend might have gone out of proportions !
The very term ‘ slavery ‘ reminds us of Abraham Lincoln who was instrumental in abolishing slavery.
On this special day may the society as a whole swear to play its positive role to root out the tendency of slavery out of the purview of our life!!!

(38) August 24 ·
To the credit of your ENVIUS THOUGHTS!
C O N G R A T S ! ! !

(39) August 25 ·
As usual, Part- 6 of your Universe – Chariot on the Move is a nice read!
All living beings and all Plants came in to inhabit this earth, thanks to Amoeba that made it possible!
To keep Flora and Fauna in shape is our responsibility incapable of being ignored!
Here one is dependent on the other for survival and co-existence is the key that makes the world going on the path already chosen!
The power to withstand troubles coming our way is what it takes us along with courage and determination!
It’s really nice on the part of sea waves, the wind, and the waterfalls that send music to our ears;
Not to speak of the bells in temples that create faith in us, apart from the melodious music played through its repeated ringing that’s enjoyable!
We already suffer from air pollution, and the ear-damaging sounds with high intensity let us exposed to what’s called noise pollution!
May we avoid it?
Trees help us get water, the pure essence of our life.
The fresh air is not ours, but for the trees;
Planting trees is not a day’s affair, it’s a permanent task to do without any let-up, for our prosperity is lost with destruction of forests!
It’s to our peril that we antagonise nature ;
Can we afford to?

(40) August 25 ·
Your post on the eve of Krishna Janmashtami Day is a fine read!
Festivals may seem to be mere rituals ;
But the inherent purpose is to ensure joy and happiness to humankind.
Only a disciplined way of life promises one peace and harmony.
Lord Krishna took avatar to establish the quintessence of faith on this earth.
Krishna Janmashtami is a day of festival for the Hindus to observe it as a day of fasting till midnight, the time when Krishna was born in the prison cell.
We must be thankful to ISKCON for its propagation of Krishna Cult the world over!
We are fortunate to be credited with Bhagavad Gita which is nothing but Krishna’s speech with Arjuna in the battle field as a complete guide to self realization – for all ages!
May we on this day reaffirm ourselves to live with the ideals as contained in the Gita !

(41) August 26 ·
‘ Women’s Equality Day ‘, is really a nice post from you today!
It’s told we’re all created equal.
But how we are trained in the course of our life after our birth creates inevitable inequality as an intrusion that lays the firm foundation for all of our troubles.
The moment we become lavish practitioners of negative attributes like selfishness and superiority, with a plan in mind to supersede others, we unceremoniously grab what’s not due to us, leaving in the process, nothing to our fellow beings.
Thus comes inequality in all walks of our life!
And with raising of its ugly head, ego the devil succeeds in preventing us from treating the fair sex at par with men.
Hence the special day, ‘ Women’s Equality Day ‘ declared rightly!
The lines in your poem :
” A home without a woman is akin to a
forest sans trees! ”
are amply in the lines of a warning to all men, not to become barren with unwise neglect of women!
And may we treat women equal in all respects and ensure society’s PROSPERITY!!!

(42) August 27 ·
Your Pets of the People is really a boost to the lovers of pets!
The pictures by Nivetha are good!
Everyone anticipates a life of peace and harmony.
Co-existence with all other living beings is the prerequisite to attain that goal.
For it’s God’s will that’s thrust upon us to follow!
And how agreeable animals are is revealed by George Eliot in the following lines amply:
” Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions ; they pass no criticism “.
It’s nice of us to keep animals and birds as pets and remain companions inseparable.
If we wish to awaken our soul, better to follow what Anatole France had to say:
” Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened “.
It’s natural and usual for children to be inquisitive in general and pet cats and fishes in particular, and a kitten is likened to a rosebud in the garden in a quote by Robert Southey as follows:
” A kitten is in the animal kingdom
What a rosebud is in the garden “.
There are people in mirth by merely viewing for example cats and fishes in action!
For the pet lovers, as you mentioned in your poem, their own food and routines are secondary only to their special care on the pets.
The Tamil poem on cat by Bharathi and your translation are fine.
The different colored kittens are for sure a rare treat to the onlookers.
The color on its own has no significance attached to it.
Quality concerns us most, and this equally applies to human beings too!

(43) August 28, 2015 ·
Our instant reaction to what happens to us is the main reason behind our stress and strain.
Here Acceptance is the best remedy for the melody .
“Come what may, I won’t react, rather pro act”- must be the approach we have to adopt.
May be this will come to our rescue and leave us unperturbed.
Humans are endowed with the sixth sense and it must be possible for us to withstand , nay, to fight back with vigor and vitality and drive the killer far away beyond our view.

(44) August 29 ·
What a dramatic treatment with an element of realism you have introduced to the Inspiring India Movement in the final part of your Play :
‘ Freedom Where, When, and How!
It’s a Call to all concerned to go back to the pre-Independence days with a unitary sense of purpose – to regain the paradise lost!
People are not sensitive to the declining morality in public life and hence the need for the Movement planned to spread awareness on the situation and get into concrete action to bring the glory back to our nation.
The Five-Point Program of the Movement contemplates a total awareness on the dangers of students and youngsters yielding badly to the opportunistic political stunt of politicians who are very much known for their outright arrogance and selfishness.
And an appeal to parents is also sought to be made to exercise caution on the activities of their grown – up children through circulars being sent by the committees formed for the purpose.
The response to the Movement shows people’s consciousness in arresting the deteriorating situation in the overall interest of democracy of our nation in the days to come.
To mobilize more support a conference is well planned with the theme being ‘ Freedom Where, When and How ‘, reflecting the anxiety of patriotic citizens.
And the broadening support base is bound to make them think, act, and achieve unadulterated freedom as defined by our founding fathers of our nation.
A large number of people unconnected with political parties come forward to be a part of the ensuing conference and are anxious to take the nation to newer heights by sticking to values and principles of democracy we stood for in our original freedom movement.
They are truly aware of national ethos and morals and ready to bring in changes as they are an integral ingredient in the evolution of society.
And everyone must fight all mechanisms that may plan destruction of our culture and values so arduously built.
The enthusiasm generated before the said conference surely will make the efforts fulfill the aspirations of our Constitution makers.
The well-attended Conference was able to come out with a wide- ranging resolutions that take care of the genuine aspirations of the suffering people at the hands of the self – seeking political masters, to give effect to:
Freedom of speech and expression beyond geographical limits,
Freedom of religion,
Right to Constitutional remedies,
Right to life,
Right to education, and etc.
The participants want freedom in a real sense and that entails freedom from wants, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, corruption, etc.
And they are for honest politicians to sincerely serve the citizens on democratic lines and never to transgress the authority allowed.
The goal is a noble one and we may not reach it so soon.
On our part we have to eternally work for it with the proverbial spirit that was the guiding principle of our freedom fighters.
May be it’s your wings of imagination that makes the glide of the long- drawn movement a gentle and an effortless one!
But then the meaning and the purpose you attached to the Play has a lot to convey to the political set-up not to make a mockery of our democracy but to change for the better to justify our hard – won freedom!!!!!

(45) August 30 at 2:09am ·
Your post yesterday on Mother Theresa’s Day
( 26/8/16 ) is a good poem that seeks to remember the likes of Mother Theresa for their selfless service to the humanity!
There’s nothing in this world that cannot be achieved by Love and Smile!
It’s the grace of the God that creates good people in service of the poor and the needy.
We are witness to people voluntarily and enthusiastically coming forward to adopt one or more children who are left uncared for by the parents by choice or chance .
There’s no dearth of service minded souls in our midst who regularly render service to the inmates of orphanages as and when they can.
There are organisations, public and private, that adopt villages to ensure their overall development.
And Mother Theresa, the Saint from Yugoslavia was one who adopted a whole nation and we are privileged to be the citizens of that adopted country!
She sacrificed everything for the sake of the poor.
In return, what she expected back was nothing but the smile and satisfaction of the people in distress!
It’s a nice gesture to pay the Mother our due respects as a mark of remembrance on the sacred day of her glorious birth!!!!!

Though a little long, I am sure you would have enjoyed the the content, language, style and presentation. Thanks . We shall meet.


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Author N V Subbaraman in his Blog work at his lab. at home in his casual attires!


I am extremely happy to share with my esteemed viewers that with the day’s view of 87 at 11.15 hours yesterday, Saturday, the OCTOBER FIRST 2016, the total views of ENVIOUS THOUGHTS crossed SIXTY ONE THOUSAND in its 620th post on the 585th day of the launch of the Blog in Thanks in tons for your great support and encouragement. Kindly continue in the days to come too.



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