Oct 3 “World Habitat Day”.

World Habitat Day 2016

The Almighty-Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresence
Created the world in all splendor-living beings in essence
To live all in peace and harmony, plenty and prosperity
Keeping Nature’s beauty trim and give ecstasy in its plenty!

For humans to live in peace and joy habitat essential
World Habitat Day is today-the first Monday of October
All big and small, young and old, read and unread must have a shelter
The aim of all powers that be and the people at large-greater!

Nature to be preserved, habitat be improved, citizens kept
Comfortable to lead life decent and risk free not to be left
In lurch for food, shelter-Government and society duty bound
Let us all resolve to be of help to reach the goal of the day!


2 thoughts on “Oct 3 “World Habitat Day”.

  1. Dear sir Good morning!
    The evolution and journey of Blog was nicely described by you. It is a nice information.
    Universe the chariot is again a master piece .Mysteries of universe are still unknown.
    Your description is a flow of information educative and in-depth .My congratulations.
    The Indian Air Force Day commemorated is nice.We salute the Noble Service in the defence of our Country.

    With regards KVVS.p rasad


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