Oct 5 World Teacher’s Day


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“Gurur dhevo bhava”, “Acharya Dhevo bhava”- Treat teacher as God
Respect teacher as God is a part of Indian ethos for long.
It is the chant of every day for children and other elders too
Yet September fifth is declared as Teachers Day in India-true!

World Teachers Day is today as is done on October fifth all over
UNESCO declared holy day to support and extend respect ever
To ensure future generations continued to be taken care
By the excellent and noble professionals-called TEACHERS world over!

Society owes indeed a deep debt of gratitude to the teachers
For their selfless service to the society through the taught torch bearers
Of knowledge and wisdom infusing qualities noble in their students
Let us salute the Teachers and their organizations here- demands prudence!

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CHAPTER FIFTY one of THirukkural”ASSESSING THE MEN FOR CONFIDENCE “அதிகாரம் 51- ”தெரிந்து தெளிதல்” in the INDIAN PERIODICAL. Kindly place your scholarly comment below the article itself where a provision has been made so that all the viewers can see the same.
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2 thoughts on “Oct 5 World Teacher’s Day

  1. I know about Teacher’s day on 5th Sept but not about World Teacher’s day a month later.T Hank you for the information.
    Teacher is always respected as Gurudev.Really he is the torch bearer in shaping the society
    Teachers are always respected and regarded in Indian ethos.


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