Oct 8 Indian Air-force day

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INDIAN AIR FORCE indomitable and invincible force
For years seventy long and great, built bit by bit not a farce
By the greatest of the Prime Ministers India has seen-
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru-architect of Modern India.

Under the leadership of Air Marshal Sir Thomas Elmhrist
And a galaxy of great captains like Air Chief Marshal Sir Ronald Ivelaw Chapman
Air Marshal Gerald Gibbs and Air Marshall Subroto Mukerjee
The Indian Air-Force grew into a formidable force today!

Air Chief Marshal today Arup Raha since twenty thirteen
Thirty first December providing leadership wonderful clean
Has plans that when implemented is bound to make it world class force
On this INDIAN AIR FORCE DAY we salute and wish them great of course.

Image result for Images for INDIAN AIR FORCE DAY 2016.

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