Oct 10 FESTIVAL OF “NINE NIGHTS”- Saraswathi puja Day/ World Mental Health day.


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Here is the poem of National Poet, Mahakavi Bharathiyar on the FESTIVAL OF NINE NIGHTS-Navrathri- Dusserha. Today is the day dedicated to the Goddess of Learning-SARASWATHI-Let us invke HER Grace on this holy occasion.

Original in Tamil
1 உஜ்ஜயினீ நித்ய கல்யாணி!
ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி   (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

2 உஜ்ஜய காரண சங்கர தேவீ
உமா ஸரஸ்வதி ஸ்ரீ மாதா ஸா                       (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

3. வாழி புனைந்து மஹேசுவர தேவன்
தோழி, பதங்கள் பணிந்து துணிந்தனம் (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

4. சத்ய யுகத்தை அகத்திலிருத்தி,
திறத்தை நமக்கருளிச் செய்யும் உத்தமி. (உஜ்ஜயினீ)


1 Ujjayinee nithya kalyaaNi
Ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi (ujjayinee)

2.Ujjaya kaaraNa sankaradhaevi
Uma sarasvathi srimaathaa (ujjayinee)

3. Vaazhi punaindhu mahesvara dhevan
Thoazhi padhangkaL paNindhu thuNindhanam (ujjayinee)

4. Sathya yugaththai agaththiliruththi
Thiraththai namakkaruLich cheyyum uththami. (ujjayinee)


1.Mother in Ujjain, ever resplendent
Om sakthi, on sakthi, om sakthi, om sakthi. (Mother in Ujjain.)
2 Goddess of Ujjain, Consort of Shankara Shiva
Umasaraswathi-thou art my holy Mother
3. Hail to Thee, Consort of Lord Maheshwara
We bow to Thy feet Holy soliciting Thy grace
4 Keeping the sathya yuga-era of Truth in heart
Great Goddess granting skills and wisdom to devotees.

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Saraswthi pooja at the Blogger’s home in those days- Photo Srivalli.



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God creates all human beings with all faculties in tact
For reasons unknown he loses one or the other in fact
Unfortunate he suffers and that makes near and dear
Also suffer; horrible if it is mental disorder.

Incumbent on all is maintenance of Mental Health ever
Bringing up well, nice environs, develop strong will power
Help Mental Health strong and sturdy;”WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY” this day
Theme of this year covers “psychological first aid”.paves way!

To make efforts in support by those to give psychological aid
Whether health staff, teachers, firemen, social workers never paid
But help with all great intention to serve the affected sure
On this day holy, resolve to help the unfortunate pure.


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