Oct 11 VIJAYA DASHMI- Dasarha Final Day /International Day of the Girl Child.

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Here is the Tamil version of National Poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar’s second song on Navarathri- Festival of NINE NIGHTS along with its transliteration and translation into English- the first was published in yesterday’s post:

Original in Tamil
மாதா பராசக்தி வையமெல்லாம் நீ நிறைந்தாய்!
ஆதாரம் உன்னையல்லால் ஆரெமக்குப் பாரினிலே
ஏதாயினும் வழி நீ சொல்வாய் எம துயிரே
வேதாவின் தாயே ! மிகப்பணிந்து வாழ்வோமே.

வாணி கலைத் தெய்வம் மணீவாக் குதவிடுவாள்
ஆணிமுத்தைப் போல அறிவுமுத்து மாலையினாள்
காணுகின்ற காட்சியாய்க் காண்பதெல்லாம் காட்டுவதாய்
மாணுயர்ந்து நிற்பாள் மலரடியே சூழ்வோமே.

பொன்னரசி நாரணனார் தேவி புகழரசி
மின்னுநவ ரத்தினம்போல் மேனி யழகுடையாள்
அன்னையவள் வையமெலாம் ஆதரிப்பாள் ஸ்ரீதேவி
தன்னிரு பொற்றாளே சரண்புகுந்து வாழ்வோமே.

மலையிலே தான் பிறந்தாள் சங்கரனை மாலையிட்டாள்
உலையிலே யூதி உலகக் கனல் வளர்ப்பாள்
நிலையில் உயர்த்திடுவாள் நேரே அவள் பாதம்
தலையிலே தாங்கித் தரணிமிசை வாழ்வோமே.

Maathaa paraasakthi vaiyamelaam nee niraindhaai
AAdhaaram unnaiyallaal aaremakkyp paarinilae.
Aedhaayinum vazi nee solvaay ema dhuyirae
Vedhaavin thaayae! mikappaNindhu vaazvoamae.

vaaNi kalaith dheyvam maNivaak kudhaviduvaaL
AaNimuththaip poala arivumuththu maalaiyinaaL
KaaNukinra kaatchiyaayk kaaNbadhelaank kaattuvadhaay
MaaNuyarndhu nirpaaL malaradiyae soozvoamae.

Ponnarasi naaraNaar dhevi pugazarasi
Minnunava raththinampoal maeni yazhagudaiyaaL
AnnaiyavaL vaiyamelaam aadharippaaL Sridhevi
Thanniru potraaLae saraNpugundhu vaazvoamae.

Malaiyilae than pirandhaaL sankaranai maalaiyittaaL
Ulaiyilae yudhi ulakak kanal vaLarppAL
Nilaiyilae uyarththiduvaaz naerae avaLpaadham
Thalaiyilae thaangith tharaNimisai vaazvoamae.

Mother Parasakthi, you do pervade and fill
All worlds! Other than you, who is our support true?
Show us some way, Oh our Life, Mother of Brahma!
We do adore you meekly and thus will we live.

Vani, Goddess of arts, will grant us utterances, all gems!
She wears a Wreath of Wisdom, like a chain of pure pearls!
As sight and as revealer of all that’s seen
She stands majestic; we will Her flower feet hail!

Sri Devi
The golden queen, Vishnu’s Devi, the queen of fame!
Her body sports the sheen of the nine precious gems!
She is the nurturing Mother, Goddess of Wealth!
We take refuge in Her golden feet twain to thrive!


Shw was born in the mountain; She married Siva;
She tends the oven nd thus the Cosmic Flame!
She is of lofty stature non-pareil; we wear
Her feet on our head to flourish well on earth!.

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Girl child indeed is the rare gift of God to a family
To become the GRAHA LAKSHNI -Goddess of Home-happily
Several families denied of this gift – reasons unknown
Alas! Many consider the girl child a burden and frown.

‘Gender inequality’ plays its nasty role- all over
Right to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care,
Protection from discrimination denied, violence stalks
Against them, not freeing them from child marriage to be condemned.

International Day of the Girl Child is today with a theme
“Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: A Global Girl
Data Movement”, a call for action for increased collection
To bring better era for the girl child and empowerment.

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While there has been significant progress in improving girls’ access to education over the last two decades, many girls, particularly the most marginalized, continue to be deprived of.


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