Oct 13 World Sight day

World Sight 2016 logo

God in HIS compassion has created all humans with all faculties
Eyes and ears, nose and throat and others for man to enjoy facilities
But many a time, many a person made to lose one or the other
By way of foolishness or punishment for one’s misdeeds sad for ever.

Sure the sight is one absolutely essential for a peaceful life
Alas; some lose from birth and many due to accident, poor health in file
Blindness is horrible though can manage living-partial or total
WORLD SIGHT DAY is today to make the people aware of the eye care need.

“STRONGER TOGETHER” the theme of the year for the day to be followed
Blindness preventable, the vision scientists try towards the goal designed
People to take care by all ways and means possible to prevent sight loss
Powers that be make efforts earnest to help eradication of blindness.

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I am happy to share with you that today’s 38th view of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr. wordpress.com at 6.00 hours over all view score is 63001` in the Blog’s 633rd post on 598th day. I thank all my esteemed viewers and solicit their continued support in the days to come also.


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